It’s not easy going against the grain. It’s not easy making waves. Society encourages conformists who subscribe to the status quo…those who quietly keep consuming, follow the rules, and do what the powers that be suggest they do. However no one ever got rich and no one ever lived a truly fulfilling life by strictly going with the flow and adhering the the game plan we’ve been indoctrinated with from a young age.

Go to school, get a job, save in your 401k, trust the government – that’s all over with in today’s day in age. While this topic applies across all industries and ideas, stepping out of your comfort zone is critical to thrive in the new economy. A big part of the new economy is digital currencies, more specifically bitcoin, and having an open mind when it comes to money ensures you will not be left behind when the wave of innovation hits.

Think of when something changes at work or at home. You’ve spent a considerable amount of time getting in a certain rhythm and establishing a standardized way of doing things. You get up, go to work, go home, and do it all over again the next day with a couple days off at the end of the week. Cycles are comfortable and breaking them can bring resistance and ridicule.

Now imagine someone told you that due to new innovations in the monetary system paper money was a thing of the past and credit cards along with money transmitters are becoming more obsolete. Even more, the dollar no longer has a place in the global economy, and neither does the yen, euro, renminbi, etc. While the decline of paper money may not come as a surprise, the latter two topics might not sit well with most people, especially the older generation. The decline of sovereign currencies will come as a shock to most…how can we trust money if the government is not in charge? What could digital currencies possibly be backed by? This all seems so unsafe and worrying!

You’re starting to see this with bitcoin. The game changing advantages are there including much more safety than any current government can provide. Debate it all you want, governments notoriously mismanage monetary policy and breed inequality and misallocation of capital as a result. Bitcoin? It adheres to mathematics and is decentralized, the antithesis of corruptible systems.

In a lot of ways bitcoin is an unstoppable force set to disrupt the entire financial system. People are fighting it and will continue to do so. Powerful interests (banks) are going to throw the kitchen sink at the one thing that could ruin the party for them and all their cohorts. While systems can be corrupted and manipulated, the market will win in the end. Who will you side with, the innovative future or the ghosts of monetary past?

It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and start learning about bitcoin. People will call you stupid and will think you’re ridiculous. Heck, Paul Krugman said the internet would have an impact no greater than fax machines on the global economy. Walt Disney was fired from the Kansas City Star in 1919 because his boss said he “lacked imagination and had no good ideas”. Research bitcoin, actually THINK about bitcoin, and you’ll know what I mean. You will be dismissed by those who did no research and did less thinking. So be it, this gives you more time to buy the BTC or start a business around it…buy low now and sell high later.

Fortune favors the bold – say goodbye to your comfort zone and welcome to the creative, innovative, and disruptive world of digital currencies.