Contrarians haven’t had a shortage of action. Trump’s approach to politics, Brexit shaking the E.U. to its core, and Bitcoin have all made significant impacts on the status quo, and despite mainstream media’s biased reporting, none of it can be brushed to the side!

Many British millionaires believe that Brexit and Boris Johnson’s reign will make them even richer while Trump’s undying stock market keeps making new highs.

What goes up must come down. An economy running on QE-infinity and record debt often returns to sound economics eventually, while a no-deal Brexit could trigger fear as Europe goes into the unknown.

With the world at a critical crossroad and on the verge of shifting towards a new economic system, preserving wealth and holding anti-fragile portfolios is the name of the game!

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Bitcoin responded strongly to Trump’s election and the Brexit voting results in 2016. 2020 will be filled with many uncertain events, and the biggest winners are historically the forward-thinking contrarians who go against the majority and take calculated risks based on sound research.

Gold and silver went alongside Bitcoin and experienced an excellent 2019. Fulfilling their role as hedges against turbulent geopolitical events such as the trade war and currency war, the floodgates of precious metals can’t stay closed forever.

Former IMF chairwoman and current European Central Bank head Christine Lagarde believes that the younger generations may not financially recover!

Forward thinkers are also looking towards cryptocurrencies. The new emerging asset class has blown away every other type of asset in the last decade and is still yet to hit $1 trillion in overall market capitalization, though they haven’t existed during a recession!

Brexit weakening the E.U., Trump’s potential election victory, China, currency wars, and the Fed’s broken economic fundamentals could be the catalysts for more strong performance in precious metals and cryptocurrencies as the contrarians and smart movers jump from the sinking ship.

With that being said, the economic Ponzi can keep going if cash is injected into it continually. It works until it doesn’t, and more artificial growth leads to a much deeper and bitter recession!

This post is for educational purposes. All information used is referenced accordingly. This is not investment advice; please always do thorough research and only invest what you are willing to lose, especially in times of uncertainty.

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