It has become very clear that Donald Trump is not afraid to mix it up. Loud, boisterous, and oftentimes offensive, Trump has captivated the national conversation when it comes to the next presidential election. Given all this and everything we have seen, why wouldn’t Trump take it to another level and endorse Bitcoin as the currency he would propose for his presidency?

Unrealistic? Of course. But, it’s still fun to think about. First of all, he’s already gone after the Federal Reserve and Obama’s fiscal policies and if he really wanted to shake things up he could throw Bitcoin out as his reserve currency of choice. He would be construed as a crazy, however, any publicity is good publicity when it comes to the press, right?

However, Trump endorsing Bitcoin is a double edged sword. Many intelligent people perceive him to be less than deal when it comes to the candidacy, and if he associated with the cryptocurrency those intelligent people may question the credibility of the technology. Be careful what you associate yourself with….

I guess what this is all getting at is that we’re witnessing the destruction of the dollar and fiat currencies before our very eyes, and no politician is really talking about it. After the dollar crashes, what will people endorse? Another government backed currency or one that is backed by mathematics? Unfortunately, history tells us that the people will go back to trusting the government after the damage is done. They trust the government and feel safe with the government when invisible threats pervade the national conciousness. Hopefully Bitcoin changes that.

Will Trump run on a Bitcoin platform? Absolutely not. Should a future politician endorse it? Absolutely they should. The age of cryptocurrencies are upon us and it will only be through a firebrand agent of change that a financial revolution takes hold.