The majority of Bitcoin pundits hail the cryptocurrency as the final nail in the coffin for the more totalitarian leaning thinkers in the financial, economic, and political sphere. Freedom they say will come from the burgeoning digital currency as it breaks the average person away from the enslaving chains of the fiat money system. While this may very well be the case, it’s useful to consider the flip side of this coin and think about if it was actually the government, these same totalitarian thinkers themselves who built Bitcoin.

Think about it. While the government does act dumb you have to remember that the powers that be have access to unlimited resources. They literally print money and this allows them to recruit & leverage the smartest people from around the world. “They” know what’s going on and where the world is headed….the fiat money system is well on it’s way to global collapse and the ruling class must ensure whatever framework rises from the ashes of the crash meets their modus operandi.

Bitcoin could very well be that framework, or at least to beta test for future state. With Bitcoin, everything is tracked and recorded almost instantly on the blockchain…perfect for a cashless society where the authorities want to track every transaction. Also, if you think we’re being pushed towards a new world order with one global government how does Bitcoin not fit that bill almost perfectly? When you start to think about it more and more you realize that Bitcoin could be the biggest Trojan horse of all for libertarians everywhere.

In conclusion, anything is possible. Just remember to look at both sides of the coin before making a judgement regarding Bitcoin’s merits. It very well may change the world…but maybe not in the way we all originally thought.