While our website is primarily focused on financial prosperity we wanted to touch on what is arguably the most important factor in the pursuit of a lifetime of riches. It can be easy to lose sight of your physical wellness on this path, but this is one of the most dangerous oversights you can make over the course of the journey.

If you don’t believe me go ask your parents, grandparents, or any baby boomer out there what’s on their mind while are approaching or within the “golden years”. Long term health care expenses can be an absolutely devastating financial burden for those who are ill prepared. If you, or one of your loved ones, gets sick, you can say sayonara to that wealth you’ve accumulated over time.

To be clear, my motivation for becoming financially free is to liberate my future children from the job of taking care of yours truly when my body begins to breakdown. That, and I’d like to travel the world and live life in the lap of luxury and comfort. In order to achieve these things, I know I need a sizable nest egg to handle anything life handles my way – financially or physically.

A huge part of remaining financially free during those golden years is to stay healthy. Not only will you feel better, but your costs will be lower than your peers thereby facilitating your ability to continue growing wealth or give back to your family.

Physical Maintenance is Key

No matter how old you are, getting on the health train starts NOW. Consistent physical “maintenance” can drive huge returns later in your life as the decisions you make now will impact your well being down the road. And remember…it doesn’t take much. Exercise 3 – 5 times a week, take your vitamins, and eat a decent diet. Avoid tobacco and mitigate the damage to your liver.

Most of all, do you research. Find a lifestyle that works for you and embrace it. Set the stage for health later in your life and you’ll find it was probably the best investment you ever made. Don’t rely on Obamacare to save you…own it and physically & financially prosper through your own hard work and volition.