Smart Charging With “Mini Tesla” Car!

More good news for the IOTA community, following recent news of IOTA’s developments in smart technology for cities, ID cards, and numerous companies showing interest in its technology, it’s now also passed tests in vehicle charging stations powered by IOTA’s underlying Tangle technology.

IOTA’s Test With Tesla – Is Something Big on the Horizon?


“The charger is equipped with hardware to setup a TCP/IP connection with a car, after which the payments and data exchange can happen fully autonomously and machine 2 machine.”

The device being charged in the image above was a custom-built mini Tesla device, a fitting choice for the test that was conducted in the Netherlands.

For the IOTA team, the next steps are now focused on making normal vehicles compatible with the Tangle-powered charger. Vehicles will need to be fitted with the appropriate hardware to allow the smart-charging tech to benefit from IOTA’s ability to gather and store information securely and efficiently.

Could Tesla Have Innovative Plans to Integrate the IOTA Protocol?

“The mini Tesla (which a kid can actually drive!) is equipped with extra hardware to support the machine 2 machine transactions, and it really charges if you connect it!

If the Charge Station is capable of doing this real machine 2 machine communication, payments via IOTA is a no-brainer.” – Blog.IOTA

IOTA is Not a Blockchain; It’s a Tangle!

The first thing to remember with IOTA is that it is not a blockchain. It doesn’t use blocks or require miners, instead using technology called the DAG (otherwise known as the Tangle), a self-validating system the IOTA team is developing to house the Internet of Things 2.0.

Just a few weeks ago, IOTA’s potential was displayed on Twitter, with the IOTA network finding consensus in 88 seconds for one million transactions!

IOTA’s Test With Tesla – Is Something Big on the Horizon?

eToro Adds IOTA

If this wasn’t enough, the global investment platform eToro added IOTA to its list of supported cryptocurrencies. With eToro being an incredibly popular on-ramp into the digital asset space, investors will likely appreciate the added variety to their portfolio.

“Now available for trading on eToro, the IOTA coin is another interesting addition to the platform’s ever-growing selection of crypto. With multiple uses as an Internet of Things (IoT) platform and quite a bit of attention from the blockchain and cryptocurrency communities, IOTA presents an alluring trading and investing opportunity to some.”eToro

IOTA currently trades at $0.57 and has a total market cap of over $1.5 billion at the time of writing.

Disclaimer: This is not investment advice. Nothing is guaranteed, and the blockchain and digital asset sectors are incredibly volatile. Please conduct your own in-depth research.




IOTA’s Test With Tesla – Is Something Big on the Horizon?

IOTA’s Test With Tesla – Is Something Big on the Horizon?