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    Green Light Given

    One of the world’s largest stock exchanges is pushing ahead with plans to bring Bitcoin futures by early next year. Recent price pullbacks in cryptocurrencies sparked fears of delays by Nasdaq, who also partnered with VanEck to launch digital asset products and an index, according to reports.

    Nasdaq Still Eager to List Bitcoin Futures (of Course They Are)!


    As digital assets are taken more seriously, the possibility of other cryptocurrencies (such as Ethereum or Litecoin) getting futures could be something we witness in the not too distant future…

    In 2017, the first Bitcoin futures contracts were launched by CBOE and CME Group during the time cryptocurrencies reached all-time high prices.

    It’s been no secret that Nasdaq is interested in entering the crypto sector, while working closely with authorities such as the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) prior to the launch for clarity. Nasdaq is also planning on handling controversial hard forks in an interesting manner:

    “Nasdaq’s product will reinvest proceeds from the spin-off back into the original bitcoin in a way meant to make the process more seamless for traders, the person said.” – Bloomberg

    As cryptocurrencies begin to mature, larger institutional capital will begin to explore the idea of pursuing cryptocurrencies and blockchain. The cryptocurrency sector still has not reached $1 trillion in capital, but by connecting the dots and looking past the media-induced fear, we can identify huge moves into this small, yet promising sector.

    This is not investment advice; please always do thorough research and only invest what you are willing to lose.



    Nasdaq Still Eager to List Bitcoin Futures (of Course They Are)!

    Nasdaq Still Eager to List Bitcoin Futures (of Course They Are)!

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