With quantitative easing taking hold of economies worldwide, central banks are looking to stimulate GDP by facilitating more money flowing into the system. QE helps do this, however, when coupled with negative interest rates the impact is compounded.

Governments / central banks rely on negative interest rates to incentivize the general public to spend, not save, their money. When your money cannot grow in a savings account, you will put it elsewhere. Now imagine how you would feel if your money actually contracted while it was in savings.

Further, healthy economies don’t do this, nor is this a way to get things back on track. People need to get paid, pay for their expenses, and save the difference. This isn’t happening today and the coming wave of negative interest rates will increase the the disincentives to save.

While there are several strategies that can be utilized to combat this financial idiocy, one such approach is to own Bitcoin. No, in it’s current state Bitcoin can’t generate any interest (unless you loan it out) but it certainly doesn’t generate negative interest. It’s held outside the banking system as well so there is decreased risk of central banks confiscating your wealth.

In conclusion, it’s time to get creative in these extraordinary times. With negative interest rates here to stay digital currencies must be examined as a legitimate asset class and store of value. Fiat devaluation is the mega trend going on rn the market and anything you can do to diversify your risk will help you out immensely in the long run.