While John McAfee claimed on Twitter that he would be unveiling Bitcoin’s creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, yet another source has now come about that also claims they will be unveiling the entity (or entities) behind the cryptocurrency. And this one comes with a timer.

McAfee’s Claims

In mid-April, John McAfee started making tweets regarding Satoshi, stating that he knows who the creator is and even knows where some of their offices are located. This was met with a lot of criticism among the community, including some letters claiming they are from various law firms that will sue him if he does happen to reveal the pseudonym’s identity. Even so, he stated that he would be releasing the information “soon.” As of almost three weeks later, nothing else has come to light regarding this as of now, though we do now have a new site: GotSatoshi.

GotSatoshi is Released

It’s still unclear who is behind this new Website, but it’s now claiming that it will be unveiling Satoshi in a matter of a little over a week. As of this writing, it’s about 10.5 days until this is supposed to occur. While it’s unclear if this is a hoax or real at this point, it’s interesting to note the date of registration for this Website: May 11, 2017, almost two years ago, though it’s hard to tell when the current owner obtained the domain.

Along with this, the domain’s owner is hidden from public disclosure, so it’s unclear if it’s a third-party that has real information, fake information, or could even be McAfee’s own creation himself. With less than 11 days to go, it’s only a matter of time until we know for sure.

More Claims to Be Satoshi

While GotSatoshi may have real information on who the mysterious Bitcoin creator is, it’s important to note that a lot of people have been coming forth and claiming to be him. McAfee has even been facing that on his own. As a result, until definitive information actually comes to light, such as a signed signature from a genesis block (the first Bitcoin block) or one of the other very early ones, it’s safe to assume that it’s just more false information either for personal gain or some other reason. After all, there is a lot to gain both fame- and monetary-wise for the actual Satoshi if they do end up coming to light, as they are highly sought after for both advice in the Bitcoin community and among dozens of governments and companies that would love to gain their expertise.

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More Information Will Come Imminently

Unlike McAfee’s claims of giving information “soon,” with this source we already have both a date and time. Furthermore, you can check out the site on your own right here. As soon as the timer is up and something is revealed, you can rest assured that we will pick apart whatever is shared and gauge its validity. As of yet, though, we can assume that this is more of nothing – though it would arguably be an amazing feat if it actually were true.