In 2014 I had the pleasure of going to two very inspiring and entertaining conferences: The North American Bitcoin Conference (TNABC) in Chicago, IL and the Casey Research Summit in San Antonio, TX. Skeptical as I was walking into these gatherings, I came out a changed man…someone whose eyes had just opened up to the world of the conference circuit.

Benefits of These Convocations

Without going into the specifics of each (google it for a high level overview) I’ll list of some of the benefits of showing up at these convocations. First, there are the connections. For the most part the majority of attendees of are welcoming to their “own kind”. Talking to people is pretty easy and this inevitably leads to the exchange of business cards, phone numbers, and most importantly ideas. If you enjoy talking to like minded people who may have a different perspective than yours, or better yet, have a business opportunity you might be interested in, conferences are for you.

The second benefit I’ll name off won’t apply to everyone, however it’s still a valuable takeaway. If you are between 20 – 32 years old showing up at a meeting of incredibly innovative, smart, and rich people is by no means a bad idea. Yes, you will get the “How old are you?” question. And yes, the reaction you will get is oftentimes “That’s awesome”, when they realize just how young you are. Start young, get rich faster.

Lastly, and most importantly, the financial education bestowed on the attendees by the speakers is second to none. The vast majority of the public has no idea the conference is going on as they are tuned into the latest episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. This is the financial and social exposure that will set you apart from the herd when all of your peers are looking the other way.

What are You Interested In? What Drives You?

You don’t need to limit it to Bitcoin or the desire of getting rich. Find a conference that fits your interest and I guarantee you can find a way to monetize it. Save the money and make it work because the people, education, and experience you will have will pay dividends down the road.