Web Bot Predictions – Are They Accurate?

Imagine being able to predict the future trends of humanity just by using a computer or a piece of very powerful online-based software…

Well, you’re in luck!

The Web Bot is taking the Internet by storm, and everyone is talking about its fascinating predictions. It’s an Internet-based program that uses algorithms while scanning the Internet for data, looking for trends and patterns.

How Does it Work?

In simplistic terms, the Web Bot is software that is based on the Internet. It’s hardly new, having been created in 1997, with the original purpose to predict stock market trends.

The Internet bot analyses news, media, articles, blogs, and other varieties of online content, then looks for keywords and places a numeric value to each one found.

When a word is given a numeric value, it is based on certain emotional quantifiers. These may include impact, intensity, and other quantifiers, which change in their numeric value based on how humanity is communicating about certain topics and tension on an emotional level.

Data, trends, and patterns are then obtained and interpreted into reports, which are then made available to subscribers.

Who created this amazing piece of fortune telling software, you ask…? Well, his name is Clif High, along with his assistant George Ure, and they are keeping the software and its algorithms top secret.

You can see Clif High talk about Web Bot’s revelations on Crush The Street! He explains Web Bot’s revelations for the next few years, which include Bitcoin, gold, silver, and even President Trump!

Web Bot Predictions – Are They Accurate?

What are the Latest Web Bot Predictions?

Let’s go through some of the key predictions Web Bot has made, which Clif discussed as a guest on the Crush The Street.

Silver and Gold Shortage in the Next Decade!

According to Web Bot, there will be a huge shortage of gold in the 2020s, with such a shortage that silver’s demand will skyrocket, with prices reaching $600 per ounce!

It sounds very good for silver holders, and is not a farfetched scenario.

As faith in the dollar hits lower lows, more and more people are looking for safe havens to store their wealth. Not only that, but there is huge pressure on gold supplies, and with less gold becoming available, more capital could be used to purchase silver. This could spike demand, potentially leading to $600 per ounce of silver!

One of the reasons for silver’s potential rise in value is due to the demand for using silver in building computers and various other types of cutting-edge technology.

Clif states that silver could be something that gold envies!

Bitcoin Hits Up to $1488 by February 2017!

This is extremely likely if we look into Bitcoin’s trend in the last twelve months, and also in the last 3 months. Clif says the upward trend will be volatile, but will be in an upward trend overall.

Web Bot has generated a substantial amount of data on Bitcoin and China. If you’re a Bitcoin fan, you may be very pleased!

New Ice Age!

Web Bot has also predicted that there will be a mini-ice age from 2025-2050. As a result, large glaciers forming the sea levels will retreat and reveal new land masses.

Clif explains that this is a direct consequence of the sun slightly cooling down and affecting the entire solar system’s overall temperature, with snow in Europe not melting all year round.

Some Other Predictions Web Bot Has Made:

  • Bitcoin will rise for decades and become world reserve currency
  • Giant energy crisis: oil net energy return almost zero
  • No assassination or attempts for Trump
  • Venice water freezing

Is Web Bot Accurate?

If we could critique Web Bot’s accuracy in the previous years, then yes, Web Bot has been mostly accurate on some events, it has also been incorrect on some things.

Overall, Web Bot’s predictions have some fascinating insights. It claims to be able to make predictions from weeks to years in advance, and since 1997, the algorithms have been perfected. However, there is a lot of controversy around it.

People find it hard to believe that a piece of software that is picking popular keywords off the Internet is accurate, which makes people sceptical and untrusting of Clif.

Time will tell if the predictions are accurate. Some say the Bitcoin surge, which has been expected, could have been predicted by anyone, and there has always been potential for a mini ice age, as the earth has never had a stable climate.

Silver’s new level of demand, however, could be something many people do not see coming. The liquidity of silver is a powerful factor, which is why many people buy it in large quantities. With gold being too expensive or the supply just too low, it is only natural that people will look to silver as the next best thing.

Regardless of what the masses think, something that started out merely predicting stock market trends now has the ability to analyse the entire Internet. The amount of data that is being processed is incredible, and this is an amazing piece of innovation.

This amazing bot is something to watch over the coming years!

You can check out the latest Web Bot predictions on Crush The Street here!