Governments have a track record of overconsuming at whatever party they show up at.  Banner cities that big government proponents like to wave as their propaganda for success are circling the drain and honestly turning into third-world disasters. Seattle, nestled into the beautiful Pacific northwest, is being riddled by big government policies and has turned into a bastion of homelessness and unaffordable living.

San Francisco, in beautiful sunny California, is sinking into the very fault line it sits on, leading the way with homelessness and unaffordable living and big government initiatives. I wish I was joking, but after San Francisco’s mayor was done walking the city and witnessing first-hand the amount of bodily waste all over the streets of the city, they deemed it necessary to establish a professional “poop patrol.” And unsurprisingly, when it comes to government-sponsored programs, the cost to hire each member of this team will be $185,000 per year in salary and benefits.

The problem with big government is that in government, the decision makers are too far removed from the negative consequences of their actions. And from the population’s perspective, too many people want to be on the wagon, rather than contributing towards carrying the weight. When it comes to human tendencies, the path of least resistance is free stuff off the backs of others, while the road that requires work and contribution is neglected.

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    Being born into this world and living into the 21st century, your job is to create value for others and/or partner with other people or businesses that are doing so to rise above the mess being created all around us.

    In the end, though, there is no glory and gratification in free rides and redistributing other people’s earnings. In fact, it erodes the resilience and ingenuity of any economy. Look at the banner of socialism in Venezuela for everyone that wants to continue doubling down on government programs such as universal basic income, universal healthcare, and “free college.”

    I encourage my readers to have their eyes set on bigger and better things. The lifestyle of socialism is a REAL glass ceiling. There is no upward mobility in a centrally-run government that hands out crumbs to its constituents. The only true way out and through the ruins of big government is large amounts of success.

    And keep in mind that large success comes from a series of small wins.

    Most people overestimate what they can do in a year but underestimate what they can accomplish in a decade.

    My goal here at Crush The Street is to motivate everyone to take action. But in reality, motivation is a trap – forget motivation and JUST DO IT.

    This week, the U.S. stock market broke the all-time record for the longest bull market ever.

    This means that the U.S. stock market has been generally rising for nearly a decade straight… or even more specifically, it means that the market has gone 3,453 days without a 20% correction.

    The “glass half empty” mindset sees this as a market that doesn’t have much opportunity left to capitalize on, but a “glass half full” perspective gets more serious about scouring the market for bargains and opportunities to capture equity.

    Break your mind from thinking in a box and feeling that everything is a zero-sum game. Just like Kyle MacDonald traded from a paper clip all the way to a 2-story house, you can trade value for more value and have something significant to show for it years down the road.

    There’s always a bull market somewhere, and our goal is to find it for you.

    I’m in the process now of vetting companies in the cannabis, technology and resource space and what I can tell you is there are very few deals out there right now. Almost none to be honest. But I can assure that when I announce my next pick, it’s because it’s trading at incredibly cheap valuations…Big things to come!

    Prosperous Regards,
    Kenneth Ameduri
    Chief Editor,

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