The gays are getting married, and it’s one of the most heated topics of discussion that has been in the news for the last week or so, as the Supreme Court ruled in favor of legalizing gay marriage across the country. What we are seeing is a division of people in this country — and around the world — who are for and against it. Those who are for traditional marriage are concerned about a country turning away from traditional morality founded in the Bible, and those in favor of gay marriage are concerned about equal rights and equal treatment under the law. I’ve enjoyed reading and watching videos on the different responses from both sides of the debate, but I have to say that I have not been able to side with either group directly because our politics just don’t line up. I honestly feel that if people heard me out and allowed me to explain the root of the issue to them, both sides would actually find a middle of the road to agree on.

The biggest reason why this is even a problem is one word: government! This comes down to my idealistic small government, libertarian, utopian society I wished this country would go towards, so consider this: if the government wasn’t involved with marriage in the first place, none of this would even be an issue. If it wasn’t that the government gave incentives, such as tax breaks, and acknowledged marriages at all in the first place, no one would be complaining. And this isn’t to say I’m not for marriages – I just believe marriages can be done as private events and ceremonies between families and churches or what have you.

So yes, if that means you’re a man who wants to marry another man, I think you should have the right to do so regardless of my own personal beliefs on homosexual lifestyles. It really is a matter of a private ceremony that is between one person and their partner, and the friends and family that they include in it. If someone is truly for freedom in this country and not infringing on the rights of other human beings, how could they argue with two people wanting to do this? Now, if these people are going to be getting special treatment from the state, and tax incentives, etc. for being married, then there would be a reason to oppose this. Heck, it bothers me that people who get married in the traditional sense get special treatment from the federal government and state. If you take the government out of the picture, everyone is on the same playing field, and no one is getting any special treatment under the law of the land.

Now, I know the pundits are going to say if gays are allowed to get married, it’s going to infiltrate our schools and our children are going to be forced accept this lifestyle, and this again is something that goes back to the root of the problem: government. If government wasn’t such a big part of our daily lives, we wouldn’t have to worry about big brother shaping our thinking and our world view. Going back to the school issue, if citizens weren’t getting assessed taxes for the government indoctrination school system, people would have the money and choice to put their children in private schools that teach values that line up with theirs.

I could write for a while on going down the different rabbit holes, answering “what if” questions, but the fact is that it’s done, and there is almost a zero-probability chance that our society will ever get to a point that resembles anything close to a true libertarian and limited government environment.