You can call it a renaissance for precious metals: 2019 was the official end of gold’s bear market and the beginning of a commodity super-cycle that will make the history books. Handpicked mining stocks outperformed the mainstream media’s expectations – but not my expectations, as I’ve been profiling some major winners all year long.

It’s not too late to ride the train to the top, thankfully, as this will be a multi-year gold bull run where each dip is a chance to add to your position, lower your cost basis, and buy shares of select mining stocks at a better price. The most lucrative ones won’t necessarily be the biggest ones, either; it’s the lesser-known miners that have been known to bring 2x, 5x, or even 10x gains in months or weeks.

In my research process, I narrow down the field to the best of the best miners in the business: the ones with the lowest costs, the best location, prominent executive leadership, and the best cash flow, which ultimately goes into the accounts of shareholders. Without that, I won’t even consider putting a stock on my watch list, not to mention sending out an alert on the company.

I’ll give you a sneak peek right now so you can see what I’m looking for. There’s a company called Winston Gold Corp. (CSE: WGC, OTC: WGMCF) with tremendous exploration potential in a historic mining district near Helena, Montana. Over 630 drill holes representing more than $12 million in past exploration have already been done on the Winston Project, and the data indicates known mineral-rich veins waiting to be mined.

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    Courtesy: Winston Gold Corp. Investor Presentation

    Let’s do the math now: the estimated total cash cost per ounce of gold produced is USD$656.30. As I’m writing this, gold is between $1,400 and $1,500 per ounce. Therefore, buying WGC/WGMCF shares now is like taking a stake in gold at half price – and when the spot gold price goes up, you know what will happen to the stock shares.

    This significant discount to the spot gold price is possible because Winston Gold Corp. utilized a unique small-scale mining model that allows the company to advance its high-grade assets in stages for a fraction of the expected exploration and capital costs.

    In other words, the quick path to production derives from Winston’s cost-efficiency because the company focuses on an existing historic high-grade asset that has only been partially mined. It’s a strategy that will achieve extensive price appreciation in the current gold renaissance, which just started in 2019 and will easily continue through 2020.

    Much of the credit for Winston Gold’s success has to be given to the company’s highly-renowned team, which includes Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors Joseph Carrabba. He’s recently resigned from the board of mining giant Newmont Goldcorp where he Chaired their Sustainability Committee and had already gained quite a bit of renown as the former Chairman, President, and CEO of Cliffs Natural Resources.

    Courtesy: Joseph Carrabba

    Mr. Carrabba’s experience and extensive knowledge will provide significant value to Winston Gold and to WGC/WGMCF shareholders. As the largest shareholder of Winston Gold stock shares, Joseph Carrabba clearly believes in the company’s prospects and is prepared to leverage his more than 42 years of management and operational experience in the resource industry to the benefit of the company and its investors.

    Murray Nye, the CEO and Director of Winston Gold, undoubtedly agrees that Joseph Carrabba has already proven himself as an asset to the company, as well as the industry: “Mr. Carrabba has proven to be a valuable addition to our team and we look forward to working together to advance the Winston Gold Project towards the next stage of underground development,” stated Mr. Nye.

    With Mr. Carrabba on its team and the ability to mine for gold at a remarkably lost cost, Winston Gold has major advantages over the competition and outstanding potential for upside – these shares are a gift at the current price, and Winston is a treasure trove for anyone ready to join the V.I.P. list of 2020’s gold-market millionaires.

    Prosperous Regards,
    Kenneth Ameduri
    Chief Editor,

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