Bill Cosby was known as “America’s dad,” famously building his reputation from his 80’s sitcom, the self-titled “Cosby Show”, has recently been accused of assaulting many different women over the past 40 years or so. This was rather shocking for me because of the role model figure he portrayed in his tv shows and stand-up routines. I know not to have high expectations of people, and not to allow what I see on the television or internet to shape my entire opinion on them — still, I was shocked by all of these allegations of women coming out accusing him of drugging them and then sexually abusing them.

How can someone that portrays such a role model be such a fake, by manipulating his audiences to believe he is a great person with sound advice? He obviously had a great deal of positive things to share and impart to people, but deep down inside of him, there was a dark side that he masked and was hidden from the public for years. Malicious rape, in my opinion, deserves the same sort of discipline as murder. I have no respect for someone that violates someone else’s rights, and strips them of their dignity for their own gratification. In fact, I wouldn’t mind to see these sort of people suffer greatly for their actions, Bill Cosby included.

This shocker to society was another reminder for me that even famous people are humans and have faults. My dad always used to tell me to trust no one, because people in many situations have selfish motives which conflict with your best interests. It’s especially hard to trust people that you’ve only had a filtered artificial relationship with, such as media or political figures.

Having the 2016 election arriving with candidates emerging for the race, marketing themselves as the ideal person to run the country and take care of every problem that exists in America, always makes me hesitant. With this Cosby scandal all over the internet at the moment, it reminds me of how little you can truly know about someone, and that they are probably not the person you think they are — good or bad.

Dealing with people in society is mandatory in this world. You are only going to be able to trust a handful of people completely. Everyone else will just be people that you will have to trust with a filter, and assess with how much power you put in their hands.

Inevitably, having this sort of mentality as you live your life will take away any major shock that comes around when someone does something drastic to disappoint you.

Be balanced in your life and relationships.

Kenneth Ameduri
Chief Editor at