If you still believe in precious metals, you are in good company. If you’ve held gold for the last 4 years, you might be getting tired of seeing it fall below $1,200 without a sign of it sky-rocketing much higher. Before you jump off of the wagon and sell whatever it is you might have, you might want to read on…

Here are a list of 10 different highly respected experts that all believe in gold right now – and, of course, some more than others!

Steve Forbes, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Media, came out with a candid endorsement of bringing back gold as legal tender: “A weak U.S. dollar is a threat to the global economy, and the only way to stop the greenback’s decline is to reintroduce a gold standard.” Forbes said different currency valuation methods have been tried for “more than 4,000 years,” and experience shows that having a gold standard is the way to go.

Doug Casey says that the real bubble is in the bond market: “The bond market is much bigger than the stock market, so when the bubble in bonds bursts, it’s going to be very ugly… I’ve bought gold my whole life. I’ve never sold one ounce, because I buy it for safety, for savings, prudence, and insurance.”

Peter Schiff, Founder and CEO of Euro Pacific Capital, confirmed his unwavering confidence in a very bullish outlook for the yellow metal: “Gold is going to go to $5,000… I’ve had that target in mind for some time… Normally markets take the stairs up and the elevator down. Well, I think that gold is going to take a rocket ship back up.”

Jeffrey Gundlach, who is actually heavily into bonds and not historically known for being big on gold, publicly stated that he liked gold and that it was held in good, strong hands. “I’m actually sort of fond of gold as a diversifier now,” he said, adding, “however, I’m not convinced gold will reach $10,000 an ounce. That’s okay, halfway there would do wonders for our portfolios.”

Jim Rogers, billionaire and co-founder of the Soros Quantum Fund, publicly said: “It could be a monetary disaster, or even war. This turmoil could come from a gigantic debt problem, for instance, which could cause world economies to fall apart as well. Politicians don’t know what to do besides printing money — so that’s what they end up doing. We will see a wave of turmoil from all this that will surely take gold higher.”

Rick Rule, CEO of Sprott US Holdings, says: “From my point of view, we’re simply locked in a war with the U.S. 10-year note. If the dollar strengthens, it weakens gold. If the dollar weakens, it strengthens gold. And I suspect that arithmetically, we’re locked in a war that we can’t help but win.”

Marc Faber discussed that while gold has been a miserable performer since 2011, it’s up approximately four times since the late 1990: “Gold hasn’t done that badly. It has done actually better than stocks… I’m not a prophet, but I’m telling you I want to own some gold because I don’t trust the financial system anymore.”

Jim Rickards, economist and best-selling author of Currency Wars, says that his target price for gold is in the range of $7,000 to $9,000 per ounce: “That’s not something that will happen straightaway, but it’s not a 10-year forecast either. It’s a three- to five-year forecast, for the price to rise by about five to six times.” According to Rickards, there are two means to restore confidence: you flood the world with liquidity (highly inflationary) or you return to a gold standard. ”I’ve done the math on that, and the non-deflationary price for a gold standard today is about $9,000 per ounce.”

Ron Paul, the world’s most popular libertarian voice, told CNBC that he “still believes in gold,” and that “gold could go to infinity.” “Timing is the only thing. I remember watching gold when it was 35 dollars an ounce and we thought if it ever hit a hundred dollars the world would come to an end. And then a thousand dollars. So no, it’s good as long as we continue to ‘print money.’ You know, it could go to infinity because when people just leave the dollar. Who knows…”

David Stockman, Washington insider and author, reckons the gold market could explode at any moment: “I’m not going to even venture a guess as to when that might happen, but clearly it is the asset of final resort when we reach the point where confidence in this whole Ponzi scheme that’s being run by the central banks finally breaks down. It’s almost a sure thing that as we reach the end of this era of massive central bank expansion and domination that the monetary system will break down, the central banks will become totally discredited, and the markets will be in anarchy and dislocation and gold will soar.”

In the end, gold is safety. I wouldn’t recommend anyone be 100% in gold, but having some set aside is not a bad idea, especially at these depressed prices. Everything goes in cycles, and this cycle will start to reverse itself sooner, rather than later, and if guys like Peter Schiff and Jim Rickards are right, we could see gold soar past $5,000 in the very near future.