Trump is America’s Last Chance – if Hillary Gets Elected, the Country is Certainly Doomed

The great Keynesian experiment is coming to an end. Even one of the establishment architects came out and said this very thing. Jacob Rothschild came out a month ago with this, saying we are now in uncharted waters, in a huge experiment with negative interest rates. I don’t know how many others have heard this news, but the Swiss government even has a 50-year negative bond. We’ve all lost money investing in something, but there is at least hope of a profit going into the trade. This is 50 years of losses baked into the cake, with ZERO hope of a return, which, of course, society doesn’t run on. When it’s all said and done, the world lives on hopes and dreams, and this is the fundamental reason why negative interest rates don’t work.

2016 was the worst start to the markets in history. The “January effect” is the idea that what happens in January tends to be the trend of the year. With the elections, extreme overvaluation, and geopolitical tension, a market crash is certainly a possibility, and 2016’s introduction with stocks has plenty of time to play out into the fall and winter of 2016.

During the “TMZ-style debate on Sunday between Trump and Clinton, we saw them go at it hard. It is safe to say that they hate each other. After all, they made it clear that they aren’t going to pretend to be friends by even avoiding to shake each other’s hands at the get go.

Of course, the Clinton campaign’s leak of Trump “locker room” talk in the privacy of his own bus was dropped strategically right before the debate. Quite honestly, I believe it fired him up even more, and had him swinging harder than Hilldabeast was anticipating, with her just deflecting with a nasty smirk and writing him off as lying lunatic.

Say what you will about Trump’s language and personality, but when it’s all said and done, Americans need someone who has a history of being successful and someone who will inspire the country to be great. For example, lowering taxes on businesses and encouraging the free market to revive and possibly have a fighting chance at lowering the nation’s debt (it’s highly unlikely, but at least there’s a chance).

Hillary Clinton is narrow-minded and preys on the mathematically-challenged liberals and will go to any measure to get elected by any means necessary. She is a demagogue and touts the benefits of new programs on whatever particular group she is buying votes from, without mentioning the costs, detriments, or long-term damage to the country and unborn generations. She has counted on the ignorance of the populace when presenting simplistic fallacious policies that are economically damaging to the country. That’s how you end up $19.5 trillion in debt, with north of $200 trillion of unfunded liabilities.

Just to add to that, Hillary Clinton used her position as Secretary of State in a pay-to-play scheme with her Clinton Foundation. She used a private server to hide this scheme, and that jeopardized the security of the United States. She deleted at least 33,000 emails after she received a Congressional subpoena. Hillary was responsible for the death of four men in Benghazi, and then lied to their families about the cause of their death. Hillary lied to the FBI and Congress. She thinks so little of the American people that she refuses to tell us about her medical conditions. In the last few weeks, Hillary has called a large number of the American people “deplorable” and “unredeemable” (to mention just a few things). She has so many favors to pay back, she is owned, and it will be the country and the citizens of the world that suffer. As we have seen, Hillary’s actions have not only impacted the people of this country, but she has managed to wreck the lives of people around the world.

11 years ago, Trump used lewd and crude “locker room” language in a private conversation with another man and he called Miss Universe “Miss Piggy.” Now, I ask you,
what should be of more concern to the American people?

By the way, Hillary’s boasting about Bill’s “surpluses” in the ‘90s is disingenuous, as gridlock in Congress led to no new spending. Therefore, it wasn’t reckless government spending that helped the economy during the Clinton years, and don’t forget that it was during the Clinton years that the Baby Boomers were peaking in their spending habits.

As far gone as I personally feel the economy is, it was sheer entertainment to watch these politicians at each other’s throats. In the end, I’m not depending on either one of them for my future or the future of my family.

My only wish was that Trump would be able to drill down a bit harder in the last debate on the huge elephant in the room, which was Bill Clinton and his accusers. Nobody screwed more women in that room than Bill Clinton, and the fact that Hillary backed and intimidated the accusers in the past should have been brought home harder as a reflection of her nasty character.

I got a little more political today that usual, but as a writer, this was what was on my heart today…