In lieu of the latest release of reported news from the “what has becomes,” highly-discreditable FBI, stocks are up and metals are down.

Two days before the election, the FBI flip-flops and says there is no wrongdoing in an additional 650,000 emails, having less than 10 days to review them. It’s exceptional timing to be able to reverse course in time for the election, but when logically considered, it’s a highly questionable turn of events.

Considering that the two major party candidates have policy positions that are polar opposites of each other, I’d say most people already know who they are voting for, regardless of the release of the latest news.

What we will be waiting on is whether or not the polls the media have been releasing have been credible or are highly manipulated to give the impression Trump is significantly behind Clinton. As we’ve discussed, the markets have priced in Clinton, and as they reopened her email investigation, the markets got choppy. As of now, the markets are back to pricing in a Clinton victory.

If Trump comes out and starts taking some key swing states, expect the stock futures to start getting rattled and for precious metals to ascend upwards. The market is not pricing in a Trump victory, and it will be a shock to the markets if he wins.

Mob Rule

The fact is that 45% of the country pays no income tax. Data from the Tax Policy Center shows that in 2011, 74.8 million Americans paid zero federal income tax or had a negative income tax rate, which means they received benefits from the federal government via programs such as the Earned Income Tax Credit or Child Tax Credit, in addition to having to pay no taxes. In 2015, 77.5 million will do the same.

Here’s my take: if you don’t pay taxes or receive a government entitlement, you should not be allowed to vote on how other people’s tax dollars should be spent, considering you don’t have skin in the game. I’m sure there will be someone that will call me a racist or something ridiculous for making such a common sense statement, but that is how I feel.

The mob is continuing to grow and vote themselves gifts from the producers and big government politicians, with zero regard for the future prosperity of the country, who will pander to these people overpromising them tax payer dollars.

This is why a corrupt, scandalous candidate Hillary Clinton resonates with many voters out there, despite all of her “nastiness.” I will hardly be surprised if crooked Hillary wins the election and the swamp continues to thicken.

The Greatest Vote You Can Make is Towards Yourself in 2016

As much of an entertaining spectacle this has been to watch, there are overwhelming forces and an economic bubble on the horizon that will be a major disruptor for those unprepared.

The damage of central bank expansion and over-bloated government is coming home to roost, fitting right into the globalist, establishment agenda to impoverish large portions of the population that surrender the property, freedom, and rights in exchange for government solutions.

Be vigilant and stay above the fray by not being overly reliant on the system as this house of cards continues to crumble.