Trump’s call out to CNN this week as “fake news” could have possibly been the biggest slap in the face to the mainstream media that the world has ever seen. CNN was specifically called out for lying by the future President of the United States of America. This is the man that is set to become, essentially, the most powerful person on earth, calling out what conventional wisdom has deemed the “gold standard” of news and exposing them for their extreme biases.

I couldn’t have been happier. This sort of honesty from our future president is something our country has yet to experience. The fact is that Trump is a result of the populist movement, and financial chaos is breeding political chaos. The exposing of the rigged markets could unravel like never before in 2017, and Trump could very well be the trigger for it all.

Real truth is being revealed at a faster rate than the ability for the false narrative manipulation to be able to suppress it.  Just look at the rise of sites like WikiLeaks, which has been disparaged from the mainstream but has a pristine reputation for reporting the truth since everything they’ve reported has proven to be accurate.

The conventional system is breaking down. Take college, for instance. Once regarded as the silver bullet to get ahead in life, it is now seen as a liability that has a cost that outweighs the benefits in many instances.

More than 41 million Americans have college loans. All totaled, they are around $1.3 trillion, which dwarfs credit card and auto loan debt. 2,100 colleges across the country have less than 50 percent of their former students repaying their loans.  That’s roughly one third of the colleges the government collects this data from.

The Gallup-Purdue Index 2015 Report stated that only 38% of alumni that graduated between the years 2006 and 2015 thought they had a financially valuable college education. The college education system is a clear example of the system crumbling, and more people are seeing it as a nonviable solution for a greater financial future.  This is, of course, completely opposite of the direction my high school teachers had for my future.

It’s the same in the financial world, as well, where people are essentially being led to the slaughterhouse… We are now at levels that guarantee a revaluation in the markets in the near future:

The Crumbling Establishment - Chart

Just using the conventional metrics above, it would indicate that the S&P 500 is at its 3rd most expensive valuation in history. However, I will be releasing an interview this weekend with Dave Kranzler, of Investment Research Dynamics, who makes the case that due to recent changes in accounting practices, the S&P 500 is actually more expensive now than at any other time in history if current valuations are compared apples to apples (visit the homepage for the release of this interview).

Many people are mindlessly investing their entire savings in the stock market, completely unprepared for what is to come when we see Europe implode and interest rates rise.

In this environment of ever-revealing truth, you have to acknowledge gold and silver, the only things that have been money for thousands of years. The greatest manipulation, with the most consequential impacts, is the suppression of the gold price.

Precious metal manipulation is not conspiracy anymore – it’s monetary fact. This was proven to be true with Deutsche Bank admitting it rigged the gold and silver prices and agreed to expose other manipulators to lessen their fine.

Really, because of the Internet and nonpartisan news outlets rising to the forefronts of premier exposure, we have a truth movement rapidly growing that will rock the ability of globalists to pursue their ongoing endeavors.

Ultimately, global citizens are waking up and will find out that the emperor truly is wearing no clothes. Ignorance isn’t going to save you in the real world. You have to be educated, and if you are in front of the curve enough, you might actually not only survive, but prosper.