In a world of unprecedented times and a digital age that is revolutionizing everyone’s lives, things are changing. It is not necessarily that we need to reject our traditions, but we need to be willing to adapt to changing circumstances. If you are willing to suffer the discomfort of change, you can live to see the achievement of a better future.

Expecting the U.S. dollar to remain indefinitely as the dominant currency is in no doubt wishful thinking. If you’ve read our content and watched our videos, you would know that the U.S. has great risk associated with being tied to its currency. Gold and silver are historically what stands the test of time when it comes to fiat currencies and their inevitable demise. Just to put it into perspective, every fiat currency since the Romans first began the practice in the first century has ended in devaluation and eventual collapse, of not only the currency, but of the economy that housed the fiat currency as well.

So to expect there not to be major change in the monetary system in the near future would be foolish, and I would encourage you to hold assets that will thrive in inflationary environments.

Now, the reason I bring up the talk about being able to adapt to the changing environment is because we live in a society where digital currencies are taking off and are being used as an alternative form of money that is completely outside of the banking system. Many people — as am I, I might add — are hesitant to go head-over-heels for a new experimental currency that hasn’t stood the test of time, such as something like gold. As much as people come out and endorse the privacy and protection of the currency, it is still shaky because of its major swings up and down and no one really knows if it is something that will get adopted or if a brand new competing digital currency will take the place of the specific one you might have your money in.

Now, because of the uncertainty of the current financial markets, all options should be on the table, and the ability to convert dollars into an encrypted currency where you are able to transfer your wealth anywhere around the world that has an Internet connection might very well be a useful option for you in an emergency event.

Today, I just want to introduce a way to very easily be able to convert your cash for Bitcoin, which is currently the most popular digital currency. I had never met anyone off the street to transact in Bitcoin because quite frankly, it’s potentially dangerous and there isn’t a whole lot of security in the event I am meeting with a lunatic. Yes, there are ways to help mitigate this by meeting with private parties that have good reputations in the community, but it is still cumbersome and nothing is guaranteed. Innovations in the digital currency world is making it easier than ever to convert your money into Bitcoin very inexpensively.

I came across LibertyX and found a way to easily and inexpensively convert cash to Bitcoin without having to deal on the street and pay high premiums. So for those of you who are open to Bitcoin and are just afraid it’s too difficult and/or dangerous, here is the simple solution that might serve you and give you a way to opt-out of the system and simply transfer wealth globally in an instant, virtually free.

The first thing you are going to want to do is get your feet wet with digital currencies, which would include creating a free wallet. Just like your physical wallet holds your cash and credit cards, this wallet is a digital wallet and will store your digital currency. Opening this wallet is actually easier than opening up an email account, because there are less questions and most wallet providers don’t even ask you for your name — thus being anonymous.

You have many options to obtain a free wallet, and a few that you can choose from include,, and You will then be able to receive and send bitcoins using this wallet. The next thing you are going to want to do is actually be able to obtain the coins.

The company is LibertyX, and they are a Boston-based company, which has partnered with transaction processing specialist Qpay to launch cash-for-Bitcoin buying services at mobile phone and convenience stores around the country. The infrastructure is already laid, and these mobile phone and convenience stores offering the LibertyX cash-for-Bitcoin buying solution are popping up everywhere and bridging the gap for those who are intimidated by the process of converting their cash for Bitcoin. Simply go to their site and find a location nearest to you. These places are opening up around the country in a hurry.

I feel like a salesperson for the company, talking about them in this manner, but I have no affiliation with them other than being a happy customer that saw an opportunity that I knew my readers could benefit from, even if it’s just for the peace of mind of being able to safely and easily transact in Bitcoin if the time called for it.

Simply go to and sign up for a free account, and then find a local vender. Purchase the PIN codes from the local vendor. You then redeem the PIN codes in your LibertyX account and then deposit the coins right into your wallet. After you do it one time, you will see how easy it is and will have bitcoins accessible to you.

Sometimes, the unknown is what makes us fearful or hesitant to try something, but the beauty of this is that you can educate yourself and put yourself in a place that is readily available to adapt to a changing monetary system.

Don’t be left behind, sticking to what is comfortable, but at least be open to what the future could potentially look like. If you have any questions or want to learn more about digital currencies, send in your questions to