Sometimes I have to remind myself that each day on earth is limited. In fact, I often remind myself that tomorrow is not guaranteed, and just this perspective alone helps me make the choices in my life that mean the most to me. Of course, if I suggested on a wide-scale basis for people to live their life like it’s their last day here on earth, we might have a lot of people zeroing out their bank accounts and jumping out of airplanes. This isn’t my purpose,but rather to keep in mind that each day on earth is limited and everyday that is wasted in stagnation or poor choices is one less day to advance and fully experience your life.

Making the right choices in your life will determine your future more than almost any other factor influencing it. From the ground, your ability to see around you is limited, but like climbing a ladder rung by rung, your vision of what you can see expands each step you go up.

When I wrapped my mind around the simple concept that one day my life would end and my time was limited, this alone erased fear of failure and the fear of embarrassment for pursuing goals and taking on risks.

From a financial perspective, one of the biggest things that I’ve been advocating for throughout the years now is insulating yourself from the economy and making sure you are hedged.

  • Keep your income high.
  • Keep your expenses low.
  • Keep your investments safe.
  • Keep your network strong.

I suppose this list could go on, but if you focus on these four simple areas, if anyone of these pillars were attacked or destabilized, the other three would stand strong and support you. This promotes longevity and a sense of security, especially in an economic environment that is weak.

I want to do everything in my power to encourage you to climb one rung at a time and help you achieve goals that you never thought were possible. It is possible, and you will surprise yourself when you step out and take action for your life.

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