The biggest issue with the recovery that we’ve seen on Wall Street since 2008 is that Main Street has yet to realize it. The greater recession, along with the realized pain, will be felt when Wall Street gets shaken up once again.

Donald Trump is around the corner from a very concrete date that could very well be the defining moment of 2017. As it is, Trump has on his plate 30 years of debt building and expanding fiscal policy that is at a breaking point.

This extremely important date that I am talking about is March 15, 2017, which is the debt ceiling deadline. David Stockman, former Reagan Administration Budget Director, is on record saying it is at this point where everything could “grind to a halt.”

The debt ceiling will freeze at $20 trillion. It will be law. It will be a hard stop. The Treasury will have roughly $200 billion in cash. And just to put this into perspective, the country is burning this cash at a rate of $75 billion a month. This is a burn rate that gives the government spending power that will last 2.6 months without action.

I fully agree with his analysis in that the financial pain that will ensue following this will be a mathematical certainty. Blue and white collar Americans have been getting a shorter and shorter end of the stick for decades now. The same ol’, same ol’ has been great for the 1%. Those business owners, politicians, and beneficiaries of expanding government love government goodies. It’s always at the expense of the middle class.

Richard Fisher, of the Dallas Fed, has come out strong against the stock market moves, saying, “We injected cocaine and heroin into the system to create a wealth effect.” He went on to say that it has failed to work and “now we are maintaining it with Ritalin.”

When you have people of this caliber coming out against the false narrative of a strong and stable economy, you really should consider perking up. Reality on Main Street is going to meet up with Wall Street. The Dow Jones Industrial had the fastest 1,000-point climb in recorded history, and this cannot go on forever.

We are in territories where 30-50% corrections are completely rational and can, to a degree, be expected. I fully expect a stock market correction that will more than likely be referred to as a “crash” that will usher in the next recession/depression.

This could be extremely profitable information for those paying attention…

If you are actively building your wealth, you will be able to bargain buy what will be trophy assets for pennies on the dollar.

Going back to the Great Depression, more people became millionaires during this time than any other time in American history. It’s simple. When markets crash, things go on sale. Start-up costs for starting businesses are cheaper, assets get cheap, such as real estate and stocks, and you’ll have the wind at your back when markets cyclically turn up.

As much as the time in history will be looked back on as tumultuous, there are going to be extremely happy individuals that thrive beyond the mathematically precise financial disaster that lies ahead. Lets see how the government and markets respond this year to March 15, 2017.