It’s easy to get out and complain about all that’s wrong in the world. What is harder is to get out and do something about it. Allow me to demonstrate:

A depressing study put out in 2013 by the Journal of Economic Growth showed that the average American household receives about $277,000 less annually that they would be receiving if we could have gone back 6 decades and wiped out government regulations. So instead of median household income being around $53,000, it would be $330,000 per year.

We can all mope about this statistic and think about our lives with the average income in America being over $300,000 a year, or we could take steps in our lives to actually start making $300,000 a year. A decade seems like a long time, but it’s very easy to allow a decade to pass in your life and realize that you’ve accomplished nothing and backtracked.

When it comes to being personally successful, the opposite actions of an ideal government are exactly what we need to do personally in our own lives. You probably haven’t heard about the averted depression of 1921 because it’s not a huge selling point for Keynesian policies, but here it is.

In the economy entering 1920 following WW1, things were looking bad. Unemployment spiked from 4% to 12%. Gross national product declined 17% and things were unraveling quickly. Guess what… the Fed did not intervene in the contraction of the economy at the time, and we actually saw by the late summer in 1921 the recovery was already taking place. In just one year, unemployment came back to 6.7%, and by 1923, unemployment was down to 2.4%.

Not meddling in the economy if you are a politician is a good thing. But non-action as an individuals equally as bad as the government doing something.

Daniel Ameduri, the President of Future Money Trends,asks a great question:Are you making good asset acquisitions? Do you have a 5-year plan? Are you cash-flow positive?

He plainly points out that if you can actually get excited about becoming financially independent in 30 to 50 years, then you can visit Dave Ramsey’s site. However, if you’re going to do this now, with a 3-5-7-year plan, you’ll need to take some calculated risks.

I couldn’t agree more with his recommendation. This site is committed to exposing the fraud, and delivering information that removes the blinders that are over the eyes of most people living in a reality TV world. But this is all in an effort to get people surviving and thriving in this new economy.

“We have been putting out regular interviews with experts in the economy that are unfiltered and untainted by the agenda of the corporate media,designed to educate you and position you to thrive in this ever-changing economy.”

My recommendation for you is simply this: forge a path in your own life and don’t be controlled by everything going on around you. Reject things in your life like consumer debt, and learn to defer pleasure today for greater wealth in the future.

Enhance your skills to provide services for people that will make you marketable in this economy.

In the sense the government is acting as a result of a collapsing economy, you should be acting, too. Don’t make malinvestments, but invest in yourself. Be sure to invest in producing assets and in your journey; I guarantee you will have game-changing moments that will enhance your life for you and your family, even in a world where the standard of living is declining year by year.