Silver quite frankly, is in a surge as we’ve described in a previous email/article…

I can’t say that I am shocked. I knew that the time would eventually come where we would see silver move in a big way. We’ve done countless hours of research on the topic. The fact is this year, silver had been lagging behind gold pretty substantially. The gold/silver ratio saw an extreme inflection point around the beginning of March, hitting a recent high of 83, a number much higher than the 20th-century historical average of around 50.

We knew this gap would close and it was going to be done in one of two ways: either gold would collapse back down or silver would dramatically rise. What we’ve been experiencing is the silver surge. Silver’s rise to over $17 has taken this average from 83 down to around 73 at the moment, still a long ways off from its historical average, which indicates much more upside for silver.

Considering the production ratio of silver and gold is 10 to 1, at a gold/silver ratio of 73, this number will likely continue to shrink and provide much more upside for silver here on out.

For silver (and gold), the perfect storm of events converged, which have all benefitted the metals. Between the Fed’s inability to tighten monetary policy to the Deutsche Bank lawsuit and China launching the Yuan Gold Fix, silver has had many reasons to rise – and it has.

In fact, after China launched its new Yuan Gold Fix, the prices of the precious metals surged.  At one point on the day of the launch on April 19th, silver was up 5%.  Silver is now trading at prices not seen in over a year.

As you’ve been able to see, based on the companies that we’ve been tracking, the miners have been on steroids, with some of them up hundreds of percent in just 2016 alone.

Even with all of the good news, the manipulation has continued, and will not go away just like that, as we saw “someone” (as Zero Hedge put it) dumped $2 billion of gold into the futures market on a market order. No sane investor who actually wants to make and/or not lose massive amounts of money will hit the bid and recklessly dump billions of dollars of wealth all at once. We know this bull market will face its headwinds, but bullish forces do certainly appear to be prevailing here in 2016.

Look for special interviews to be released this weekend, including Greg Mannarino, of, and more, as we cover the market and recent actions in detail!

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