The Gold Train is Leaving the Station as Investors Return to its True Purpose – Money

Governments have always tried to overpromise and overspend, leading to tyranny and dishonesty from the most powerful entities that are in existence.

Even back in the days of Sir Isaac Newton (the inventor of the gold standard), government was trying to get away with corruption and mismanagement of national funds. His insight hundreds of years ago, when he was the Master of the Mint, can only be described as timeless.

(Excerpt taken from The God of the Machine, by Isabel Paterson, pp. 203-204)

“Going back to the inventor of the gold standard, Sir Isaac Newton was asked by the British Treasury officials and financiers of his day why the monetary pound had to be a fixed quantity of precious metal.  Why, indeed, must it consist of precious metal, or have any objective reality?  Since paper currency was already accepted, why could not notes be issued without ever being redeemed?  The reason they put the question supplies the answer; the government was heavily in debt, and they hoped to find a safe way of being dishonest. But Newton was asked as a mathematician, not a moralist.  He replied: ‘Gentlemen, in applied mathematics, you must describe your unit.’  Paper currency cannot be described mathematically as money.  A dollar is a certain weight of gold; that is a mathematical description, by measure (weight).  Is a piece of paper of certain dimensions (length, breadth, and thickness, or else weight) a dollar?  Certainly not.  Is a given sized piece of paper a dollar even if numerals and words of a certain size are stamped on it with a given quantity of ink?  No.” 

“They took Newton’s word for it, possibly conceding that the greatest mathematician of their age might know the primer of his science.  But the fact that educated men were ignorant of the first rule by which they carried on their own business, commerce and finance; and the further fact that Newton’s answer has since been forgotten many times, in spite of the disastrous consequences that ensued each time, indicates a very grave problem of civilization.”

If Sir Isaac Newton was living today and involved in government and banking, he would certainly be colliding with the current Keynesians running amuck.

We live in a world now where central banks and governments refuse to “describe their units.” In a world that now has $13 trillion of subzero sovereign debt that’s growing by the day, global citizens are getting squeezed while those who feel they are above rules and morality lead us down the global abyss.

It feels like every other day now there is some sort of chaotic event in the news, ranging from mass shootings, terrorist attacks, protests against governments, and economic upheaval. Much of this unrest is rooted in a global middle class that is being crushed by poverty, and the train is derailing.

The gold train, however, is leaving the station. Now, be assured that it will be a long journey and there will be stops along the way. As of now, we are settling here in the lower $1,300s, and it won’t be long before another “Brexit”-type event shocks the markets and sends gold soaring into the $1,400 and $1,500 range.

Quite frankly, the more gold continues to confirm its bullish trajectory, the stronger the upswings I anticipate each time economic fundamentals continue to remind people that GOLD IS, IN FACT, MONEY…

I’m sure you have been enjoying our recent gains here in the mining sector. For those who have yet to participate, I urge you to not let what could be the opportunity of our lifetime pass you by. We are only in the second inning of this spectacular bull market, with the vast majority of upside yet to come. Stay tuned…

Prosperous Regards,
Kenneth Ameduri
Chief Editor,