Global debt for every man, woman, and child in the world has grown to $21,714 per person. For a family of four, this is a family share that totals $86,856. It’s an unsustainable debt bomb that is sure to blow up. The beautiful thing about scary facts is that they will likely motivate you to be proactive.

I know it does for me…

I have a wife and young kids. One of the things I don’t want to happen to me is to die young, so I’m actively taking preventative measures, such as exercising and strategic eating. Honestly, I would probably look like a train wreck if I didn’t have a little bit of fear to motivate me because number 1, I like to eat, and number 2, religious exercise is a commitment.

So in this sense, I would say fear is good…

Now, the thing about macro statistics is that among the mess, there are going to be those that still manage to rise to the top. These people are going to be those that put on their side blinders and don’t stop pursuing. Dave Ramsey talks about people escaping debt like a gazelle running from a cheetah that is trying to eat it. Any bit of slumber or rest could result in consumption.

This is true in your finances as well.

At this point, the economy is a threat for those not prepared, and you need to be intensively solidifying your cash flow, insulating your business/career and protecting your investments. One of the biggest things that I’ve been advocating for throughout the years now is insulating yourself from the economy and making sure you are hedged.

  • Keep your income high.
  • Keep your expenses low.
  • Keep your investments safe.
  • Keep your network strong.

I suppose this list could go on, but if you focus on these four simple areas, if any one of these pillars were attacked or destabilized, the other three would stand strong and support you. This promotes longevity and a sense of security, especially in an economic environment that is weak.

One of the greatest mentors that I have — who has been constant encouragement to initiate a positive chain reaction in my life — is Nicholas Green, of This is a man of integrity, and he leads by example, helping people reach financial goals who then go on to achieving aspirations that they would not have even dreamed about had they not stepped out and made some changes.

Right now, he is offering free consultations for those who are ready to take control of their investments and have peace of mind. In many cases, his clients are managing a lifetime’s worth of savings. Be sure to ask him about Income Money Spinners, which is a portfolio strategy that is gushing cash flow.

People think that when they are 50, it is now too late to start investing because they are just a few years from retirement and will not likely benefit from compound appreciation. Look, the fact is, you are likely to live until you are at least 85, which means you have three decades to compound your wealth and experience the exponential wealth effect take over. And if you are young, well, start now and truly leverage what could be small monthly income into a pile of retirement savings.

The process of compounding wealth is best characterized by an interesting paradox:  what is very exciting to observe over long periods of time, in retrospect, can appear to be relatively dreary and dull while actually living through the process.  The cumulative effect of many years of relentless progress will inevitably result in some staggering figures, but many investors have trouble visualizing that eventual result when viewing business or their portfolios on a year-to-year or quarter-to-quarter basis. –Rational Walk

 When you have decades’ worth of time in front of you to invest, 30 years seems boring. It’s usually when you are 45 that you look around and realize you wasted 15 years twirling your thumbs when you could have been compounding and receiving your boring return on your money.

The difficulty level in thriving in today’s world is gearing up. Whether it’s the fear of missing out or the fear of being consumed, I want you to be motivated enough to do something with your future so that when you look back on it, you are completely and utterly blown away.