Markets are now moving higher than they have ever been, and greed is on the rise. With the news of Brexit dwindling in the headlines, the markets have continued on with business as usual as U.S. indices hit new highs. Of course, we know that the Federal Reserve gave banks a backdoor bailout to purchase their own stocks again, lifting share prices, which helps the stock market and continues to pedal the false paradigm of normal.

Interestingly enough, once the establishment candidate (Hillary Clinton) got off the hook, officially getting a pass from the FBI, it was only days following that the stock market hit new highs. Of course, we know the markets are all ran on perception, and as Wall Street and the bankers understand that their puppet is one step closer to taking over as president, confidence entered the market and rose higher.

As reported by Zero Hedge, extreme greed has entered the markets and are at highs that were not seen since 2014, just as asset prices have gotten more expensive than ever, because logically, that is when you should want to pile in, right?

This below is the CNN Fear and Greed indicator, which has now risen to 82, the greediest since mid-2014.

Greed Machine

Up until this point, we have seen investors pulling their money out in droves from the bloated markets. What we now know is central banks around the world are injecting liquidity into assets at their highest levels since 2013. Right now, artificial stimulus, as well as momentum, is driving the markets higher, rather than any real follow-through in fundamentals.

It’s a rather interesting to time be greedy in the stock market, considering corporate debt is at highest levels since 2008 and are they’re defaulting as if it were 2008 all over again.

As a whole, the U.S. is now receiving $1 dollar of GDP growth for every $10 in debt, which is exactly the type of fiction that gets spun as positive by the mainstream. Any growth that has been seen over the past few years has been completely dependent on doubling the national debt every 7 years or so.

The only way for the powers to keep this charade going is to continue to double down on the same ol’, same ol’, and Clinton is their best shot at kicking this can down the road.

Having said that, as far as the election goes, I don’t anticipate that there is going to be a fair election, and fraud will be rampant in the voting process. Unfortunately, I hate to say it, if Trump gets elected, I’m almost confident his life will be threatened, and likely taken from him in the early stages of his presidency.

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