A man observes evergreens growing along the roadside and thinks that they look pretty, covered with snow. Another man sees the same trees and thinks, “These trees would look good in people’s living rooms at Christmas. I wonder what they would pay for them?”

I can tell you that there are people out there who are just born with the mentality that they are going to be successful, and figuring out a way to do it is something that is always crossing their minds.

I would actually venture to say that the majority of people that are reading this post today are natural-born entrepreneurs. There’s a strange phenomenon that I’ve found at motivational and self-improvement seminars, which is that the majority of the people that attend are already motivated and are just there to keep the fire burning inside of them.

I feel fortunate to have had that desire to want to start a business and take positive steps to enhance my life. I know many people who wasted years after high school, sitting around in their bedrooms and playing video games at their parents’ house, while accomplishing nothing with their lives.The lack of action in these people’s lives is coming back to haunt them, as they are now desiring independence and growth. For whatever reason, something clicked at an early age and I knew what I wanted and I pursued it.

If, by chance, you would consider yourself someone who isn’t motivated and not acting, the time to change your direction is now, because it’s never too late to take a positive step in your life.

Mark Ford, a writer for the Palm Beach Research Group, described beautifully the characteristics of a person who is born with an innate desire to be business-minded.If you don’t feel like some of these characteristics are very innate, I would suggest adopting some of these practices, because implementing these mindsets could potentially change your life.

One of the things he discusses is a “normal” person having a consumer mentality. He looks at a hot new product and thinks about how he would like to own one. A money maker’s mentality has an entrepreneurial mindset. He looks at it and thinks, “How can I produce this or something similar in my own industry?” To be an entrepreneur, it usually takes some sort of money.People with a consumer mentality generally don’t have too much of it.

A “normal” person that’s confronted with a challenging idea thinks of all of the reasons why it might not work. A person with a money-making mindset sees the potential in it and disregards the problems until he has a clear vision of how it might succeed.

A “normal” person resists change. A person with a money-making mindset embraces it. This goes hand-in-hand with being a problem solver. Being able to act in the face of problems is a valuable skill, and one that all entrepreneurs need to posses to some degree.

A “normal” person accepts the status quo. A person with a money-making mentality is always looking to make things—even good things—better.

A “normal” person looks at a successful business owner and thinks, “That guy’s lucky.” A person with a money-making mindset thinks, “What’s his secret?” and “How can I do that?” I can’t tell you how often I have heard people complain about the rich kids or the rich families. Instead of distancing yourself from successful people with negativity and resentment towards them, learn from them and how they achieved their level of success.

What I’ll end this post with is this: learn to give. There is something about being able to give something with a good spirit that translates into making money over the long term. If you learn to give of your time, talent and treasure to people, you plant seeds that eventually bear fruit.