Gut-wrenching moves in precious metals will tear at the emotions of even the most astute seasoned investors.

  • Gold was down again this week, this time registering a 2% weekly loss and closing at $1,179 an ounce.
  • Silver was down just 0.4% for the week, while copper continued on a rampage, closing at $2.67 per pound – a weekly gain of 8%.

All this as the dollar closed at its highest in over 13 years. The resource sector is one that I’m all-in with, and as you all know, it is poised to continue to thrive as this bull market continues to reveal itself.

This Industry is Smoking, and it Deserves Your Attention

I have, for the longest while, debated on whether or not to mention this next sector as an investment to our readers because of the stigma this sector carries and the controversies that surround it. Nonetheless, the $7.1 billion marijuana industry (in the U.S. for 2016 alone) is not something to ignore.

This is a growth rate of 26% from last year, and is great, considering recreational use of marijuana is rapidly growing in the U.S. I would put it in a similar “taboo” category of industries like cigarettes and gambling, both of which are highly lucrative, with underlying companies gushing with profits.

Vice industries just tend to thrive. Take a look at this index that tracks companies that service the “sin” sector:

USA Mutual Vice Funds - Money Weekly

  • Nearly a quarter of Americans will be living in areas where recreational marijuana use is legal, as voters approved the initiative in California and Massachusetts on election day, and other states, including Florida, expanded legal access to weed.
  • The measure passed by a wide margin in California, the Associated Press said.
  • The trend is inevitable, whether you agree with it or not…
  • Twenty-five states have already legalized cannabis in some form, whether medical or recreational, or both.
  • As of now, the entire west coast has become a pot-friendly zone, with Washington state legalizing it in 2012 and Oregon in 2014, and now California in 2016.

Look at what we’ve seen with marijuana stocks here in 2016 alone:

Marijuana Index

  • This industry is smoking, and it truly is worth our attention to discover the right company that is early-staged and poised to boom in this trend.
  • I’m expecting 2017 to be a spectacular year for marijuana stocks, specifically ones that are positioned with the right people, infrastructure, and service. We are reviewing dozens of pot stocks at the moment that are poised for massive growth and are going to be alerting everyone on a pick here shortly when the ideal opportunity presents itself.
  • All I can say is expect to be blown away over the course of the next few months, and for 2017 to exceed the fantastic results that we have already experienced here in 2016.

Hold true to your convictions and allow the fundamentals to play out in your favor… It’s exactly how the rich do it, and I suggest you do the same…