As the world’s biggest financial Ponzi scheme inevitably comes to an end, people will flood to safe havens to convert their wealth into. Countless global currencies — from first-world to emerging markets — are hitting all-time lows, and in many currencies around the world, gold is at or near its all-time high because gold is holding up against collapsing global currencies in our system. Gold, in terms of South African Rand, just hit an all-time high.

When it comes to protecting yourself from the devaluing purchasing power of global fiat currencies, we are conditioned primarily to purchase precious metals, good stocks, and real estate in general. I’d like to present to you today an investment idea that most people overlook and don’t even consider.

The Water Commodity!

Water is a basic need for survival. Agriculture and farming use tremendous amounts of water. Some of the statistics are very appalling. For instance, on average, it takes 400 gallons to raise/produce a chicken from start to finish. It takes 100 gallons of water to produce one watermelon. According to the USDA, 80% of water used in the U.S. goes towards agriculture. This makes shutting off the facet while brushing your teeth seem futile, considering how little it actually amounts to, but I suppose every little bit helps.

The fact is if we want to eat, we need water; if we want to drink, we need water; if we want a society, we need water. For those of you who live in areas where you have water coming out of your ears, it might seem a little futile to invest in something that is so plentiful in your world. But what about areas that don’t have an oversupply of water?

Currently, droughts are being experienced in each of the main 6 continents that people live on, and in some instances, areas where there are large populations that depend on the water. For much of the world, governments have distorted the markets so badly that water doesn’t sell for its true regional value.

I was fortunate to interview Scott Rickards, the CEO and co-founder of Waterfund LLC. His company has come up with the world’s first Water Cost Index, which tracks the real cost to produce the water we all drink and enjoy. Scott discusses that there are parts of the world that actually do have free markets that dictate the cost of the water that people pay. It is in these areas where he looks to invest his money and the money of those looking to capitalize on this highly-essential, regional commodity.

This is in no doubt going to be a major, hot commodity, especially as the world’s financial markets continue to unravel. Take the time to listen to our chat as we discuss over-reaching governments and the opportunities that exist in the water commodity.