Initiate a healthy chain reaction in your life.

These are the exact words that came out of my mouth one week ago when I ran into a teenager while checking out at the grocery store who looked about as tough as they come. By his own admission, he told me he was currently involved with gangs and drugs, living his life on the street – and by the way he carried himself, it was very obvious. In the brief 2-minute conversation I had with him, I learned that he was 17 years old, homeless, broke, and living out of a car with his pregnant girlfriend. I lightened the mood by congratulating him on actually landing a girlfriend while broke and homeless, but I could clearly see he wanted to change.

So what I told him was this: having any sort of success in life and any big goal is all about having one foot in front of the other. This ultimately gets you to places where you are inspired and confident enough to take on other personal development goals that you otherwise were never positioned for.

This was when I told him he was going to have to initiate a healthy chain reaction for his life. The small, prudent steps that he was going to take starting now would take him to a place where momentum would start to build, and major steps could then be had. And just like that, we parted ways.

I could tell my words hit him hard, and I have no doubt that in 10 years he could look back at where he was now, completely blown away by how far he has gone.

Now, I do realize the majority of my audience are probably not living the thug life. But for anyone who is looking to make monumental changes in their lives, these principles hold just as true.

Changing your quality of life starts with you!

For someone just starting down a journey of positive change, it can seem like a mountain. A mindset shift of the likes of this is one which you may only experience once or twice in your life. Most of us are wanting to position ourselves in an economic and physical state of health that enables us to enjoy a high quality of life.

Among all the things that I do here at, helping you make positive changes to your life is one of our highest priorities.

One of the greatest mentors that I have — who has been constant encouragement to initiate a positive chain reaction in my life — is Nicholas Green, of This is a man of integrity, and he leads by example, helping people reach financial goals who then go on to achieving aspirations that they would not have even dreamed about had they not stepped out and made some changes.

Your future does not need to look like your past, and the only thing standing in the way of a game-changer is you.