Last year, I was fortunate to attend a Pubcon conference held in Las Vegas, CA where discussions on where technology was headed dominated the topics of the event. I don’t necessarily consider myself a tech savvy guy by any means, and if it wasn’t for the fact that I do the majority of my work on the computer/ internet then I would be as clueless to technology as the next guy.

When I look at the world, it’s hard for me to imagine technology growing more advanced and capable than it already has become. It reminds me of stories I’ve heard of the U.S. Patent Office on the verge of closing in 1843 because society was worried that everything had been invented, and the potential of development had been maxed out. Since then society has been driving cars, fighting diseases, landing on the moon, communicating across the world over the internet, and much more. As a side note, it’s not that I think we need a government agency for inventions to happen, I say it just to point out the limited vision and pessimism that people can have about what the future holds.

The truth is, the momentum for technology taking off is only building and growing at quicker rates than ever before. We are so technologically advanced today that the charts are exponential for the amount of new ideas coming out.

“Why is this?” you might ask.

Think about how instantaneously people are learning things as opposed to the days where you had to go over to your decade old stack of encyclopedias to learn about a specific topic. How about having to actually turn your car on to go to the library to check out books to expand your knowledge on something? I can’t even get through a movie nowadays without “Googling” the filming locations or the actor’s net worth. And guess what, I get the answer in seconds. Think about how much more knowledgeable people are now compared to years ago with instant education. Not only is this education instant, it’s free! In college my accounting teachers were so boring that I would go home and look up the same lessons on YouTube to try and relearn a topic by a better speaker, and hardly having to open the text books.

I know many parents are concerned about their kids exposure to media devices — and rightfully so, but think about how much more access they will have to free education. This will inevitably advance them and push forward the technology that is currently being used. The foundation that is being built for technology to leap forward is mind-blowing.

The technology that you can expect to see really take off in the next couple years is:

  • Smart phones getting smarter
  • 3D technology becoming a larger contributor in production
  • Social media changing
  • Medical technology breakthroughs
  • Astronomy leaps and breakthroughs
There will be a day when we look back at the 2010s as the stone ages when people actually died from cancer and losing your hair was even a concern. It’s hard to imagine a world much more beyond where we are today, because it’s human nature to think this is it. New technology is not going to come from instant education, but instant education will supercharge the rate of expansion that is yet to come in the world of technology.

Prosperous Regards,
Kenneth Ameduri
Chief Editor at