The Shock Will Hit Suddenly and Hard

America is currently living like a grossly overweight 65-year-old who binge eats McDonald’s and watches TV all day instead of exercising. It is only a matter of time before lodged up blood clots or cholesterol plaque work their way into the brain or heart, changing their future forever.

The problem is when you’ve lived this Homer Simpson lifestyle for so long, there is no sense of urgency because what you’ve always done has worked and as far as you know, things will be fine until they are not.

I’ve seen friends get hit by strokes going from being normal to completely paralyzed, losing their memory, having trouble eating, and experiencing a life-changing health event that flips their normal completely inside out.

Watching a loved one on a hospital bed experiencing a stroke or heart attack is gut wrenching. Even if all the signs were on the wall and they did it to themselves, there is no amount of “I told you so” or “should of… could of” that will make you feel any better. You just want them back to normal and healthy.

Bye Bye America…

As I see this country get destroyed with racial tension, economic degradation, and socialist one-world agendas, I’m disgusted at where it is headed. Unfortunately, I believe a massive clot of blood is headed straight for the brain and irreparable damage will be suffered.

We live in a period where investors need to be more concerned about return OF their money, rather than a return ON it.

I’ve been writing now for years documenting the collapse of the system and how on a daily basis, the core of what maintains our sense of normal continues to unhinge itself from reality. Me being right and watching America derail is sad, which makes me hope I’m wrong. It’s a similar moment to watching a loved one on their death bed who gorged themselves. Even though they “deserved” it, you just want them back and healthy at all costs, and I feel the same way about the place I call home.

Unfortunately, I do feel like we are way past gone, and a massive shock is on the verge of rattling our system…

I recently interviewed Greg Mannarino, of, who takes us through the economic collapse and how central banks are holding back the floodgates of a massive washout of the system.

Do not miss this interview!

Prosperous Regards,
Kenneth Ameduri
Chief Editor,

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