Whether you are looking at the physical metals or mining stocks, the words of wisdom that was shared by David Morgan of the Morgan Report could not ring more true for someone who wants to profit big in the resource sector. “I’d rather be 6 months too early than 1 minute too late.”

Being able to travel and be around a great deal of thinking minds is unbeatable. This week, I was at the San Francisco Silver Summit which was such a pleasurable experience where I got to spend a great deal of time with the “who’s who” in the precious metals and mining arena. After leaving this event, I couldn’t help but feel that November 2015 will correspond to one of the greatest buying opportunities in our day to be part of a bull market that will be equally, and potentially even more dramatic as the bear market that has been experienced over the last 4 years.

Talk about inspiration, speaking with legends in the industry who have made their fortunes in the resource sector such as Rick Rule, Ross Beaty, and made me even more hungry for monstrous gains. After having conversations with individuals that have net worths in the hundreds of millions and even billions, I couldn’t help but walk away with great expectations for my subscribers and my own investments as we ride this next bull market into new territory gaining major ground in our own financial walks. That sort of positive energy is contagious and surrounding yourself with the right people is by far one of the best ways to ensuring financial success in your life.

I have been attending conferences for a number of years now and I have yet to see these resource legends be as bullish on this sector than they were at this conference.

My biggest concern is that there will be many people who miss out on this epic bull market because they don’t have enough fortitude to buckle down and and act in a time that requires so much contrarian thinking. If the conference attendance was any indication of where we are in the market, a bottom could definitely be called. Compared to a similar conference I attended 4 years ago, this conference was approximately 90% smaller with so many investors spent and burnt out taking the constant beating of the relentless bear market.

The tide will turn and it’s inevitable and HIGHLY likely to be in our proximate future.

As beat up and depressed as everyone could have been, observing these legends who have been through boom and bust cycles describe the current opportunities with ear to ear smiles on what is yet to come was more than promising.

Whether it’s companies that are acquiring at incredibly low valuations or investors investing at incredibly low valuations, nothing is harder than to go against the gain buy when everyone else is panicking and there truly is blood in the streets.

How will you proceed?

Stay tuned for more excitement as we continue to release more of our favorite companies in this very opportunistic time.