Hindsight does investors no good; foresight tends to be much more profitable. For the longest time, I’ve been gobbling up gold at under $1,300 and silver under $20. I’m a buyer, and encouraging my readers and those who bother to listen to do the same.

The truth is, even where gold is now at $1,370 and silver just over $20, we are all going to be wishing we could have those prices back once they spike to $2,000 and $40, respectively. The higher prices we are seeing today might be the very thing that keeps us from buying now, instead being forced to buy at $1,700 and $30 before the trigger is pulled if you get caught in the headlights and fail to have foresight.

Many of you are now recalling the opportunity to purchase gold at $1,250 and silver at $17, and that is keeping you from wanting to pay current prices. The fact is, the more momentum precious metals pick up, the stronger upward swings we are going to see and to say the least, things are really kicking into gear.

As you know, economic chaos is unraveling faster than Hillary Clinton can hit “delete” on her keyboard.

There is now a staggering $11.7 trillion in negative-yielding sovereign debt, following the aftermath of Brexit. U.S. bond yields are hitting record lows. The U.S. Treasury yield curve is the flattest it has been since 2007, which is screaming recession and stock market crash, and the only reason why the yield chart isn’t inverted is that the Fed is pinning the short end of the curve down artificially.

The Fed is in a peculiar position, where I believe they will be implementing QE (QE4) going into a recession, rather than traditionally reacting to one. This is also true regarding interest rates being at zero, although we now know that negative interest rates are on the table for the U.S. as well.

Growth is abysmal, and in the first quarter, it was shown that for every $10 of debt the U.S. buried itself under, it got $1 of GDP growth. This illustrates that they will need more QE ammo to achieve similar ongoing failing results.

The global economy has hit an iceberg and is still floating, and it’s only a matter of time until the boat sinks. Precious metals are going to be the big winner – plain and simple.

I expect the jobs report this Friday to be another potential trigger that engages a significant response for gold and silver. If the report is “good,” I do expect a pullback in the metals. But if we do happen to see another treacherous report like we saw last month, with unemployment “falling” on the worst job growth since 2010, I expect metals to continue their surge.

These are unprecedented times, and things are starting to get really interesting!