Dear Reader,

We are all trying to find answers in life.  The bottom line is that you probably already know many of them. Stop lying to yourself – you already have them.

If you want a six-pack of abs, work out daily and eat right. If you want to have money, save it. If you want a successful business, get out, network, and put in the grind.

Everyone acts as if there is a lack of information in this world on how to achieve success, but oftentimes in life, we are struggling with the application of it. Information without application means zero transformation.

You can search for the 2 cents far and wide, but the 98 cents you need to apply is the work to turn your life around and experience fulfilling success.

Your “I can” is more important than your IQ.

Momentum in life is the key for any sort of long-term, sustained success. It starts with positivity.

Positivity is like a muscle: the more you use it, the stronger it becomes, and vice versa. You need to work it out, and the way you do this is by practicing gratitude.

Just like when you work out, if you are lifting a 10-pound weight, you will get some results, but the person who lifts 100 pounds is going to get even more. The more weight you lift, the stronger you become.

It’s the same thing with positivity. When life’s going good, being positive is like lifting a 10-pound weight – you’ll get results by working your positivity muscle and being grateful. But when you lose your job and your car breaks down, that’s the 100-pound weight, and that’s when the results truly start to pour in.

In life, I know that positivity is the key to moving towards your success when you are at a dead stop, or even going backwards.

You might ask yourself why I decided to veer in another direction in this update and talk about the mindset for success. Quite frankly, it’s the way I start every day when I wake up, and I felt like sharing a bit of what has transformed my life from working a minimum wage job to investing millions of dollars, running multiple businesses, impacting thousands of people, and living an amazing life with my family.

This sort of information has transcended time. It’s applicable to anyone on Earth who wants to achieve success, and you need to hear it periodically.  It’s biblical, it’s in Chinese proverbs, and it’s in 100-year-old self-improvement books… the secrets of success are out there, and there’s a formula. You just need to apply it.

The fact is that principles always work if you apply them…

The most negative people in your life are the ones making excuses and complaining about life. Remember, excuses don’t excuse you. When you make an excuse, you are giving away your power.

I hear people make excuses that they are not wealthy because of where they grew up. Making this excuse doesn’t change anything, but it guarantees that they will never become wealthy.

Stop making excuses for why you aren’t, and start making a way.

Your greatest power is that you are in control of your life. Start making some bold statements about your future, and start living like it’s already happened.

Prosperous Regards,
Kenneth Ameduri
Chief Editor,