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    Fake news is the new narrative of the mainstream media to disparage the alternative media, which was once a simple annoyance to the establishment. In the aftermath of the Trump win and the “yes” vote for Great Britain to Brexit, it is safe to say that the mainstream media is desperate.

    I’m aware as much as the next guy that the stock market is rigged and propped up, but the mainstream is hating that Trump is looking fairly positive. Under their own banner of propaganda, the general stock market has responded greatly in anticipation of Trump. I think it’s unlikely that he goes 4 — much less 8 — years without a massive correction. And, of course, that will be blamed solely on him and not the years of massive debt accumulation and driving jobs outside of the country.

    Look at what has happened since Trump was elected in November:

    The Whole System is Riddled With Corruption Chart 1

    It is going straight up, and the mainstream hates it. They are dead, by the way. Do you remember what they said would happen if Britain Brexits? You know, massive economic problems, job losses, etc… Well, it seems like their stock market propaganda is loving that move, too.

    The Whole System is Riddled With Corruption Chart 1

    Compare that to the European stocks in general, and it would appear that the market is less bullish on Europe and more bullish on Great Britain on its own.

    It’s completely against the mainstream narrative:

    The Whole System is Riddled With Corruption Chart 3

    The criminals at CNN, CNBC, ABC, Washington Post, New York Times, Politico, etc. are all on their way out.

    Fake News Hits Home

    Fake News Hits Home

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