When discussing money, I can’t help but every once in a while bring up lifestyle habits. There is no way to be able to be happy with your life if it is out of balance, even if you’ve managed to be successful financially. It would be like someone who works out seven days a week at the gym to look and feel great, but then never take a shower. Obviously, a person who does something like this doesn’t have a sense of balance in their life which will ultimately lead to failure.

1. Always Complaining:

No two people are ever dealt the same cards and able to compare their situations to someone else’s on the surface. If you choose to only focus on the negatives in your life then without fail you will feel depressed and frustrated. Not only will negativity bring you down, but it will bring down people around you and they will be less productive because of you. Successful people are those that make the best of their situations and problem solve.

2. Worrying What Others Think:

It’s human nature to want to fit in with the crowd and be liked. It’s a satisfying feeling being surrounded by people that like you and think highly of you. The problems come when you are seeking this attention at the expense of your own happiness and lifestyle. A good example of this is purchasing a car you can’t afford just to have confidence in yourself around other people. If you can afford a great car, that’s fine. Just be sure to have enough confidence to drive a modest car if need be, and when you can afford to then purchase the upgrade FOR YOURSELF, not for an image it’s going to portray. The is an unhealthy habit because the high is only temporary and your emptiness eventually resurfaces because there is a lack of true contentment.

3. Procrastinating:

Good intentions don’t get the jobs done. There are things at my house that I’ve walked by that needed to get done for years, and I’ve constantly kicked that can down the road. When I finally get around to them, I find out that the job really wasn’t as bad I had originally thought . I also gain a sense of accomplishment when I successfully complete a project. Procrastination is having a lack of initiative, and it perpetuates lack of accomplishments and further depression for individuals who are treading water never moving forward. Successful people are those who are getting things done, and not just sitting around thinking everything around them is too difficult.

4. Stop Learning:

Growing up, we got used to education being part of our everyday routine going to school. Once school is done, many people stop learning and go straight to working a job that doesn’t challenge them so consequently their learning stops there. Continuing to learn is a great way to stimulate your brain, continue to challenge yourself, and accomplish tasks based on the education you are receiving. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you need to continuously be in school. There are many sources that you can gain an educational experience from. For example, YouTube is a great education tool that I’ve learned hundreds of things from, all for free. Explore the resources around you and always be looking for an opportunity to gain knowledge.

5. Allowing Negative Thoughts To Enter Your Mind:

This is a struggle we all face in life. They key to overcoming negative thoughts is to intentionally focus your thoughts to the positive aspect of the situation. We choose the things we dwell on, and the more we focus on the negative, the more they will overtake our emotions and our happiness. We have the opportunity to push them out of our minds and choose happiness. Sadly, this is a problem that many people secretly struggle with and they battle mental illness without anyone realizing it. An example of this may be Robin Williams. He was virtually loved by millions and yet secretly suffered enough to want to take his own life. We must learn to choose the positive view of life, gain control over our emotions, and aim our energy and attention on the things that bring us joy in life.

Give yourself a head-start in your financial success by being a balanced individual. This will be key in being happy now and staying happy in the future.

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