99% of what you will learn about here at Crush The Street won’t be taught in a college classroom. Believe me, I was in the college system not that long ago getting geared up to make $50,000 a year working 10 hours a day with hopes of retiring when I’m 70.

College is on the fast track to disaster… Socialist ideas are drowning incoming students and parents that are having to pay for what are becoming worthless degrees.

In the class of 2016, students are graduating with an average of $37,000 worth of student debt. This is up 6% in just one year. This will continue to increase until that average number is higher than the average yearly household annual wages of $55,000 and the government, in its infinite wisdom, swoops in and completely socializes it.

Doesn’t that sound great, America? Free college and more degradation to the future prosperity of our nation.

44 million Americans combined now owe a total of $1.4 trillion in student loan debt. This is more than credit card and auto loan debt outstanding. Data we have gathered shows that 25% of graduates are not making back the money they spent on going to college in the first place.

We are at a point where you, with a degree, can actually make more money than a high school grad and still not have enough money to pay off your student loans.

We’ve just produced a mini-documentary on the devastation of college attendance in America that needs to start becoming conventional wisdom, because mindless attendance to college is crushing the lives of young Americans right as they are entering their adult lives.

The sheer brainwashing and minimal consideration of realities of the final outcomes is relentless.

Watch This Here!

The College Meltdown

People need to shake up their thinking. If you speak to entrepreneurs who are making it, many have made a very concrete decision that having a job that takes up 8+ hours a day where you are at the mercy of an employer that can fire you at any moment is not an option.

It’s more than a hope, it is a non-negotiable standard that they have for their quality of life. The idea of entrepreneurship has been planted in me from the early days of my childhood. My dad would ask me simple questions on how we were going to make our first million, and as I got older, I set off to do it.

Execution came from my mother, who instilled the principle of over-delivering and going the extra mile for people. Some of this drive came from a fear of being poor. My dad would paint this horrible picture of me deep in some ditch on a hot day, laboring for hours and only being paid pennies for my time.

The fear of this made entrepreneurship, at least in my mind, a non-negotiable must for my life. Some have even said extreme paranoia is a key ingredient to the land of milk and honey. Maybe it’s just an abnormality in the wiring of your brain that pushes you to seek financial security outside of conventional means.

Whatever it is, if you want to be financially independent, especially in this economic environment, you need to get tunnel vision and run towards your goals, because conventional wisdom will likely fail you.