The University of Scranton research suggests that just 8% of people achieve their New Year’s goals. That would suggest that 92% of people are failing on a yearly basis. The end of the year is just like every other day of the year, but because of the closing out of one year and the ushering in of a new one, it reminds us to reflect on the good and bad.

I have to admit to you, I have always been a student of people. It has always fascinated me how we are all different and that success is defined so uniquely across the spectrum of human existence. There are just certain things, though, that wealthy people do on a regular basis that are fundamental to the recipe of what makes someone successful and able to overcome the obstacles of life.

Encounter With a Mega-Millionaire

I had the opportunity to spend some time with a HAPPY mega-millionaire. I emphasize happy because we have been conditioned to think that to have money means you have to sacrifice your happiness and turn into some greedy, non-relatable person that only cares about himself. While this is true for some, it doesn’t have to be everyone’s reality.

So anyways, what happened was I was paired with a man while I was golfing, and I was privileged to spend 3.5 hours discussing life with this incredibly fascinating individual. You learn so much about a person in the way they play sports, and I can tell you this person had extreme integrity. It included everything from playing by the book to having an incredible attitude when things didn’t go his way. I loved watching the way he played when he got stuck behind trees or after he hit his shot into the water. His mental game was so on point, he would gather his thoughts each and every time and never let the current setback derail his performance in what was to come.

You hear many stories of people who are wealthy but are empty inside, but this man, in many ways, was whole.

I came to find out he owned a yacht in Newport Beach, private membership at Trump International Golf Course, has a beautiful family, and was running an incredible manufacturing business while lending on the side. I’m sure my rosey perception of this person was a bit exaggerated because I was blown away by my first impression of him, but somehow he figured out a way to achieve many of the things we all aspire to in life and is still managing to enjoy life along the way.

Because of my nosey, straightforward personality, I asked him how much money he made a year and how much his net-worth was. I know, this is totally against American etiquette, but I didn’t care.

Ask and ye shall receive… He told me he makes $1.5 million a year and is worth roughly $30 million. I couldn’t let him go without him giving me his secrets to success and how he goes about living his life.

He gave me a list of 5 principles he lives by:

  1. Never stop dreaming. While still being appreciative of your life in the very state you are in, you always have to have something you are looking forward to waking up to each morning or your spark for life will die.
  2. Show the people around you that you appreciate them. Display love for the people around you and create an environment that shows people you care. This transcends romantic relationships, friendships, and even business relationships.
  3. Never stop believing in yourself. Compliment yourself and talk big. There are plenty of other people around you that will talk you down. Some of the most successful people in the world are just some of the most average individuals that believed in themselves so much that they forced their way into success by creating a path where there was no path. Be unreasonable about your personal expectations, and shock yourself.
  4. Stay fit and healthy. If you are unhealthy, you won’t feel good and you won’t be in a peak state of mind to accomplish the things you want to achieve.
  5. Never stop learning. Create a mental exercise for yourself and exercise your brain on a regular basis. Don’t let technology leave you in the dust. Staying relevant and connected to the world around you is crucial for anticipating future trends.

I don’t know about you, but I have scratched my head wondering why it would seem that successful people “seem” to have it all together. It would appear that from their finances to their relationships and their lifestyle, it all seems to have a nice flow and balance from the outside.

But the more people I talk to, the more I realize that successful people, as diverse as they might be, do tend to have common ground that only very few tap into. And the ones that do are experiencing life on a level many are only wishing they could.

If I could just add one more bit of advice to what he gave me, it is to have a regular morning routine that puts you in a peak state of mind to start your day and be as productive as possible.

I care about your success, and I look forward to an incredible year together in 2017.

Prosperous Regards,
Kenneth Ameduri
Chief Editor,