If there is one thing I’ve noticed since entering the post college workforce, it’s that an egregious amount of my personal income is funneled towards unproductive endeavors. More specifically, going out with my friends to the bar and socially drinking is a huge drag on my bottom line and I’m in desperate search of some other activity that will not only feed by social endeavors but not burn a hole in my wallet at the same time.

It’s no joke – I spend a ton of my money on alcohol. Granted, I do save 25%+ of my income so all is not lost, but dear god I could use some sanity back in my life. Therefore, I’ve come up with some money saving tips to kick the bottle and get your life on track from your bar hopping frenzy. Here are some activities you can do that don’t require alcohol to have fun:

  • Join a sports league like flag football or soccer
  • Join Toastmasters and refine your public speaking skills
  • Learn a new language via Duolingo
  • Go to the bar with your friends and don’t drink
  • Only go out 1-2 days per week
  • Join a book club or a run club

The point I’m trying to make here is that you have options. If you are worried that you’ll lose all of your friends due to their social drinking habits, then go out with them and don’t drink. They will appreciate it and it will not change your friendship if they really are your compatriot.

What’s the benefit to all of this? Why, more money in your pocket of course! More money to invest, grow, and do productive things with! You see, when you get older and you and the boys stop going out as much as you used to, you’re going to much rather have the compounding power of those hard saved dollars giving you a comfortable retirement as opposed to a never ending bar tab.

Reel back the partying a bit. You can still have fun, just remember, when you do all things in moderation your health, wealth, and mental well being will all benefit as a result.