Anarcho-Capitalism and Dr. Javier Milei as President

Javier Milei self-identifies as a “anarcho-capitalist” (AnCap) with a social-conservative libertarian streak and was elected President of Argentina on Sunday. The collective West’s woke legacy media narrative portrays him as an ultra-right, Trump-like, Nazi fascist whose emergent political party equates to a MAGA mob that ousted a socialist government in a landslide runoff election victory. He managed to secure 56% of the vote after 99% of ballots were counted.

Reviví El Discurso Histórico De Milei Luego De Ganar La Presidencia – Nov. 20


His opponent was Economy Minister Sergio Massa, who immediately conceded on Sunday evening. Milei is an outsider who never held public office and singlehandedly deposed Argentina’s entrenched Marxist hegemony with a campaign to eliminate a swath of government ministries, reduce bureaucracy, end bankrupt fiscal policies and gut public spending, bring an end to the central bank (BRCA), reform monetary policy, restore economic growth, reverse hyperinflation as soon as possible, and ditch the peso in favor of the U.S. dollar. Waving a chainsaw at political rallies was a symbol of his promise to slash the size of the state.

“Inflation Rate in Argentina increased to 142.70% in October from 138.30% in September of 2023. Inflation in Argentina averaged 189.81% from 1944 until 2023, reaching an all-time high of 20,262.80% in March of 1990, and a record low of -7% in February of 1954.”  – Trading Economics

Inflation in Argentina - Jan. 2020-Oct. 2023

Inflation in Argentina – Jan. 2020-Oct. 2023


The following 30-minute sit-down with Tucker Carlson (Ep. 24 on Twitter) in September prior to Javier Milei’s election is a must-watch.


Argentina was considered one of the most prosperous countries in the world a century ago. After the accession of Juan Peron as president in 1946 following a military coup in 1943, providing refuge for Nazi war criminals, and him implementing his version of a socialist-lite “Third Way,” the nation has steadily gone downhill with numerous political and economic upheavals. Prior to Peron taking power, Argentina’s GDP equaled the rest of South America combined.

“Perón’s administration charted a bold new economic path for the country. Preaching industrialization and government intervention, Perón promoted a ‘Third Way’ and severely restricted existing constitutional liberties and rewrote the law to allow his reelection in 1951. Perón’s wife, Eva Duarte Perón, was a political partner. The two married in 1945, just as Juan was preparing to run for the presidency. An actress before her marriage, she was intelligent and glamorous. Known as ‘Evita,’ she made frequent public appearances in support of her husband’s administration and the policies of his government. She died of cancer in Buenos Aires in 1952.” – Biography, 2020


Argentina has elected an academic economist as president. His battle cry? “Long live freedom, damn it!”… “Indeed, as captured in Dr. Milei’s vow to ‘put an end to the parasitic and useless political caste that is destroying this country,’ at the core of Murray Rothbard’s analysis is the thesis that the State is an insatiable economic parasite, constantly growing by feeding off the surplus productive labor of those free sovereign individuals over which it asserts the right to govern. If one was seeking to develop a diametrically opposed alternative to globalist ‘one world government’ techno-fascism, anarcho-capitalism would be a pretty good candidate in my opinion.” – Dr. Robert Malone, MD, MS, Nov. 21

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The term “anarcho-capitalist” was birthed by a libertarian in 1974 by Austrian School economist Murray Rothbard when he published “Anatomy of the State.” The PDF version of the book is free to download at Mises Institute. Milei’s education and professional background certainly qualify him to pursue his campaign promises no matter how lunatic media pundits may describe him or the flavor of his presidential victory. Consider an additional excerpt from Dr. Malone:

“Dr. Milei is basically an intellectual academic who became a truth warrior in response to the damage he saw being done to his country by a parasitic administrative state. In other words, he is yet another intellectual critic who is mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. He graduated with a degree in economics from the University of Belgrano, and obtained a master’s degree and doctorate in economics from the Instituto de Desarrollo Economico y Social and Torcuato di Tella University. For over twenty years he taught University-level courses in macroeconomics, economic growth, microeconomics, and mathematics for economists, and authored several books in economics and politics. His signature presidential campaign rallying cry has been ‘Long live freedom, damn it!.’ coupled with criticism of the ‘thieving and corrupt political class’ of Argentina. Austrian School logic formulated as populism for the masses. Labeling Dr. Milei as Trump-like is clearly a gross oversimplification.”

Prior to winning the election, Doug Casey was interviewed about his thoughts on Milei’s chance of winning and the future of Argentina. Here is an excerpt:

“It’s clear that for the last 80 years, the ruling class has used welfare schemes and lies to get the lower classes to vote against their own interests. The middle class has paid for it with immense taxes and regulations. Inflation has basically destroyed the lower and middle classes; high inflation has made it impossible for them to save and build capital. Milei could totally overturn all of this. The average Argentine is fed up with being ripped off. Milei’s support is greatest among the young and what is left of the middle class… His plan is to reduce the size of the government by 50% this year, 50% the next year, and so on, until it’s as near zero as possible. The horrible people in Davos hate him because he’s attacking their very essence. He doesn’t intend just to make a few changes around the edges but to transform Argentina into the freest and most prosperous country… People with a brain are looking for a lightning rod to catalyze change… If Milei is elected, he will radically reduce taxes, which means that costs of production will drop radically. As the country dollarizes, the currency will stabilize, and gold could come next. Real prices could drop further, but not because of a collapsing currency. The economy should boom economically as investment pours in. People will go back to work, start saving, and rebuild domestic capital. Argentina could quickly become, again, one of the world’s richest countries.”

Argentina has suffered from decades of crises with interventionist governments that were big on welfare, printing money to finance out-of-control spending habits that fueled inflation into hyperinflation, and borrowing heavily only to default on its sovereign debt.

“‘We are tired of Peronism. Milei is an unknown, but better a madman than a thief,’ said 50-year-old writer Nacho Larranaga, wearing the blue-and-white Argentina flag as a cape.” – AFP, Nov. 20

Milei’s stunning win is a profound break in Argentina’s system of political representation from the left and right. He erupted into the political scene and was sometimes viewed as having a brash style but speaking honestly with attainable goals spoke to the heart of a majority that’s sick and tired of the status quo and using hordes of worthless paper currency to pay for everything. Do not laugh because plebes in the U.S. will eventually come to their senses and follow suit.

Argentina elects Javier Milei. Enter USD, exit BRICS – The Duran, Nov. 20


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Anarcho-Capitalism and Dr. Javier Milei as President

Anarcho-Capitalism and Dr. Javier Milei as President