Blue Gold – Investing in the Fresh Drinking Water Crisis: Forever Chemicals

Shopping for filters to implement a fresh drinking water system is just another challenge among so many issues plaguing our lives today, especially since the discovery that manmade forever chemicals (long-chain PFOA and PFOS, aka PFAS) are lurking in water supply systems, add pollution to the environment, are endemic within the entire ecosystem, and have a bioaccumulation factor. When it comes to contamination of water, it is not only what flows from a faucet, well, or artesian spring because H2O is an innate chemical molecule or added ingredient in all modern consumer amenities, beverages, whole and organic foods, animals, and within the hoard of highly processed foods that stealthily find their way into a diet regime. The experience of reading ingredient labels at the grocery store and checking sources is much less time consuming after settling into a routine of repeatable choices for meals.

I simplified my preparation and cooking of meals by relying on a Crock-Pot slow cooker and stainless steel cookware with a mix of fresh meat or poultry, vegetables, olive or coconut oil, herbs from an organic garden with healthy soil, turmeric, garlic, various seasonings such as Himalayan salt with added iodine, and a healthy dose of habanero or ghost peppers to capture health benefits of their high capsaicin content. The medicine cabinet is sparse with basics for health and wound care plus oregano oil as the go-to antibiotic, antiviral, and antifungal that is grown in the Mediterranean region with a carvacrol content of 86%. Maintaining a pureblood status must be earned.

Due to heightened concerns over geopolitics and wars breaking out around the world, it has eliminated WW3 fiction (currently 5th generation warfare) and substantially increased the threat of a nuclear accident releasing fallout, use of nuclear weapons, or a terrorists dirty bomb or biowarfare agent. Fortunately, I collected a stash of potassium+iodine during the Fukushima disaster for prepping supplies in an era whenwe are all preppers now.” Coincidentally, while researching the PFAS issue that is documented as endemic in our environment and water supplies, I stumbled upon an economical solution to eliminate those forever chemicals from water while researching how to reduce or completely remove radioactive particles.

What is PFAS?… “Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) is a group of man-made chemicals that include PFOA, PFOS, PFHxS, and many thousands of other synthetic chemicals. PFAS has used worldwide since the 1950’s to make products that resist heat, stains, oil, grease, and water. Until around 2004, PFAS compounds were present in aqueous film forming foam (AFFF) which is a firefighting foam used worldwide to extinguish fires. PFAS chemicals are also used in non-stick cookware; fabric, furniture, and carpet stain protection applications; food packaging and many industrial processes. PFAS compounds are generally very stable. They do not break down in the environment and accumulate over time. Over decades, PFAS chemicals leach through soil to reach the groundwater beneath. There is evidence that exposure to PFAS can lead to adverse human health effects.” – EPOC Enviro


New EPA data show millions more have ‘forever chemicals’ in drinking water… “New data released by the Environmental Protection Agency show 44 million people have toxic ‘forever chemicals’ known as PFAS in their drinking water after collecting test results from fewer than one-third of the nation’s drinking water supplies. The findings come from water tests conducted as part of the EPA’s Fifth Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Rule, or UCMR5, which requires water utilities across the nation to test drinking water for 29 different PFAS compounds. Fewer than one-third of public water systems are testing their water in 2023. Additional tests will take place over the next two years.” – EWG, Nov. 2023

 The Forever Chemical Scandal – Bloomberg Investigates, Nov. 8

“Amara Strande’s campaign led Minnesota to ban PFAS in all products by 2032. Excluded from the ban are products containing PFAS that are deemed essential (national security and defense, aerospace, transportation, energy, batteries, semiconductors, phones, waterproofing, stain resistance, medical technologies) to public health. Bans on 13 different categories including dental floss and food packaging are to go into effect in 2025”

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The first long-term study on a human population was finally launched in the 1980s on the remote Faroe Islands of Denmark, and Science Daily reported on the results in July 2023. The study found “alarmingly high PFAS levels in the populations of Greenland, the Faroe Islands, Denmark, and the UK.” The maternal transfer to subsequent generations was identified. Chemical companies like DuPont and 3M that settled a lawsuit for $10.3 billion in June 2023 propelled the issue of forever chemicals into the mainstream press.

The public was intentionally uninformed about multi-organ toxicity from PFAS chemicals going back decades when they were detected within animals in countless studies on the global ecosystem, including parasitic infection, viruses, and diseases such as cancer. Diseases related to exposure and bioaccumulation include but are not limited to immune system dysfunction and tumors in the thyroid, liver, testicles, and pancreas. In human blood, the best assays available only measure about a dozen PFAS derivatives when thousands are in the global ecosystem. Some companies began phasing out the long-chain PFAS after the EPA began pressuring the industry to eliminate them in around 2006. Unfortunately, they were replaced with other chemicals that essentially renamed the same hazardous class of chemicals. Those include spinoff corporations such as Chemours (for Teflon), which uses the GenX family of chemicals and proliferate the same health conditions.

PFAS ‘forever chemicals’ are widespread and threaten human health… “Like many inventions, the discovery of Teflon happened by accident. In 1938, chemists from Dupont (now Chemours) were studying refrigerant gases when, much to their surprise, one concoction solidified. Upon investigation, they found it was not only the slipperiest substance they’d ever seen – it was also noncorrosive and extremely stable and had a high melting point. In 1954 the revolutionary ‘nonstick’ Teflon pan was introduced. Since then, an entire class of human-made chemicals has evolved: per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, better known as PFAS.” – Coyote Gulch, Oct. 2020

PFAS Cycle in the Ecosystem - State of Michigan

PFAS Cycle in the Ecosystem – State of Michigan

Prolific investors like Micheal Berry, who was documented in the “The Big Short” for his bet against the housing market during the Great Financial Crisis, are investing in the water industry since they identified a trend. Aside from public water companies and water ETFs, companies capitalizing on technology that removes PFAS chemicals from water are not yet publicly traded in the U.S. Keep your eyes on EPOC Enviro that developed the first PFAS remediation technology known as SAFF (Surface Active Foam Fractionation), Heritage-Crystal Clean that was acquired by J.F. Lehman & Company for $1.2 Billion this past summer, 4never, Allonnia, and  Revive Environmental. For additional information on investing in water, read “Blue Gold – Investing in the Fresh Drinking Water Crisis” Part 1 and 2.

  • Bank of America’s Billion-Dollar Bet on $1 Billion Water ETFBNN, Nov. 12

Let’s return to what I found to be an economical solution to eliminate forever chemicals from my drinking water AND effectively reduce exposure to radioactive particles. If you thought a Berkey filter system was the best, you might be surprised. Take note that the EPA banned sales of Berkey filters last month and called them “pesticides.” I am extremely pleased with the results of using a ZeroWater filtration system after receiving an education on water filters by Mike Adams at Natural News.

Six Water Filters Achieve Near 100% CESIUM RemovalNatural News, Jun. 15


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Blue Gold – Investing in the Fresh Drinking Water Crisis: Forever Chemicals

Blue Gold – Investing in the Fresh Drinking Water Crisis:
Forever Chemicals