The world is on fire, again. This hot-spot could ‘trump’ them all.

Donald Trump’s Jerusalem statement is an act of diplomatic arson… “Not content with taking the US to the brink of nuclear conflict with North Korea, Donald Trump is now set to apply his strategy of international vandalism to perhaps the most sensitive geopolitical hotspot in the world. With a speech scheduled for today that’s expected to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, reaffirm a pledge to move the US embassy to the city, he is walking into a bone-dry forest with a naked flame.” – The Guardian, Dec. 6

Jerusalem is the navel of the world, a land which is fruitful above all others, like another paradise of delights.” – Robert the Monk in Historia Hierosolymitana

“And, indeed, for centuries Jerusalem, sacred to Jew, Christian and Muslim alike, had been the center of attention for a succession of conquering armies–which made life anything but a paradise for its populace… The Crusaders intended Jerusalem to be a Christian city–and strictly a Latin Christian city…. The Crusaders cut open the stomachs of the dead because someone said that the Muslims sometimes swallowed their gold to hide it… While the slaughter was still going on, many churchmen and princes assembled for a holy procession. Barefoot, chanting and singing, they walked to the shrine of the Holy Sepulchre through the blood flowing around their feet.” – HistoryNet


2006 Palestinian Legislative Election


History of Jerusalem

Chalcolithic Period: 3500 BCE – First Settlement of Jerusalem

Early Bronze Age: 2500 BCE – First Houses Built in Area

Middle Bronze Age: 1800 BCE – Construction of First City Wall

Late Bronze Age: 1400 BCE – First Mention of Jerusalem in Cuneiform Amarna Letters

Iron Age I: 1200 BCE – Jerusalem is conquered by Canaanites (Jebusites)

Iron Age II:

  • 1000 BCE – King David Conquers Jerusalem; Declares City Capital of Jewish Kingdom
  • 960 BCE – David’s Son, King Solomon, Builds First Jewish Temple
  • 721 BCE – Assyrians Conquer Samaria; Refugees Flee to Jerusalem, City Expands onto Western Hill
  • 701 BCE – Assyrian Ruler Sennacherib Lays Siege to Jerusalem
  • 586 BCE – Babylonian Forces Destroy Jerusalem and Demolish First Temple

Persian Period:

  • 539 BCE – Persian Ruler Cyrus the Great Conquers Babylonian Empire, Including Jerusalem
  • 516 BCE – Cyrus Permits Jews in Bablyonian Exile to Return to Jerusalem; Second Temple Built
  • 445-425 BCE – Nehemiah the Prophet Rebuilds Walls of Jerusalem; City Confined to East Hill

Hellenistic Period:

  • 332 BCE – Greek Leader Alexander the Great Conquers Judea and Jerusalem
  • 332-141 BCE – Ptolemaic and Seleucid Rule in Jerusalem

Hasmonean Period:

  • 141 BCE – Hasmonean Dynasty Begins; Jerusalem Again Expands Limits to Western Hill
  • 63 BCE – Roman General Pompey captures Jerusalem

Herodian Period:

  • 37 BCE – King Herod Restructures Second Temple, Adds Retaining Walls
  • 30 CE – Jesus Crucified by Romans in Jerusalem

Roman Period:

  • 70 CE – Roman Forces Destroy Jerusalem and Demolish Second Temple
  • 135 CE – Jerusalem Rebuilt as a Roman City

Byzantine Period:

First Muslim Period:

  • 638 CE – Caliph Omar Enters Jerusalem
  • 661-750 CE – Jerusalem Ruled Under Umayyad Dynasty
  • 691 CE – Dome of the Rock Built on Site of Destroyed Jewish Temples
  • 750-974 CE – Jerusalem Ruled Under Abassid Dynasty

Crusader Period: 1099 CE – First Crusaders Capture Jerusalem

Ayyubid Period:

Mamluk Period: 1250 – Muslim Caliph Dismantles Walls of Jerusalem; Population Rapidly Declines

Ottoman Period:

  • 1517 – Ottoman Empire Captures Jerusalem
  • 1538-1541 – Suleiman the Magnificent Rebuilds the Walls of Jerusalem

British Mandate: 1917 – British Capture Jerusalem in World War I

Divided City: 1948 – Israel State Established; Jerusalem Divided by Armistice Between Israel-Jordan

Reunification: Six Day War 1967 to Present – Israel Captures Jerusalem’s Old City & Eastern Half



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