Surge of “Little Green Men,” and Metal is Poised to Strike – Part XX: Napoleonic Folly

The time span between additions to this series about NATO’s proxy war with Russia over Ukraine has quickened as red lines have devolved into semantics, unrestricted kinetics, horrific death, politicos doubling down on deceit, and legacy media presstitutes shilling agenda-driven narratives delivered by regimes. President Macron of France has suddenly turned hawkish and is vomiting hot manure while pushing for NATO partners to plough more weapons and/or troops into Ukraine’s battlespace. He is indifferent to the thousands of Western mercenaries KIA that include French nationals and other NATO-affiliated personnel who were labeled as advisors and perished on the battlefield.

Foreign troops in the Ukrainian army an ‘open secret’… “Russia’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN has stated that the foreign presence within Ukrainian forces was a fact long before Poland revealed it.” – Al Mayadeen, Mar. 16

Propagating a lie long enough until everyone believes it is never a wise strategy because every action produces an equal reaction and truth always prevails. Goebbels’ Nazi propaganda machine resulted in an eventual annihilation of the Third Riech, although not until the slaughter of millions took place. Last week, Pope Francis urged Zelensky to acknowledge defeat, end further bloodshed, and negotiate peace to terminate a WW3 escalation that nobody can win. Consider that advice when viewing the following interview and observe how the anchor is solely focused on extraneous aspects and gaslighting the guest and viewership rather than advocating for immediate dialog and a lasting truce between the warring factions.

“The strongest one is the one who looks at the situation, thinks about the people and has the courage of the white flag, and negotiates. When you see that you are defeated, that things are not going well, you must have the courage to negotiate.” – Pope Francis

Piers Morgan Schooled by Jeffrey Sachs About Ukraine – Uncensored, Mar. 18 (timestamp 1:56-14:44)


French Media Wargaming 20K Troops – Alex Christoforou w/The Duran, Mar. 20 (KIA, Odessa, Dnieper River, Macron, E.U. Panic: timestamp 0:00-22:05)


The Ukrainian army has experienced an extraordinary level of attrition (video) that eliminated three armies supplied by the West since 2014. The extent of MIAs and KIAs are innumerable, an ammunition shortage has ended most offensive activity, their modern mobile armor is being obliterated (an analysis), and there aren’t enough bodies to recruit amid a forced conscription campaign that sends its manpower to a “meat grinder” warfront with minimal training. A former top Polish army chief said this week that Ukraine is losing the war and more than 10 million people are missing.” The devastation of Ukraine’s population is so acute that Kyiv is resorting to Vogue magazine where it romanticizes the horror of war.

Vogue Cover Romanticizes War

Vogue Cover Romanticizes War


Russia made it crystal clear that if any French or other NATO ally groups enter the battlespace, they are a priority target and will be destroyed. Large military units “cannot be transferred and stationed in Ukraine unnoticed.” A similar fate awaits any Western F-16s or bombers that dare threaten Russian troops, its territory, or enter Ukraine’s airspace. The “F-16 Fables” were published at the end of February in Part XIX (Twitter thread).

NATO Map as of Mar. 7, 2024

NATO Map as of March 2024 – Axios

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Zelensky’s military is currently focused on terrorizing Russia’s civilian communities along the border region via kamikaze drones (covert CIA operations) and/or missile strikes, targeting infrastructure facilities deep within Russian territory, and damaging or sinking naval vessels. Recent targets included energy facilities and oil refineries, nuclear power stations, and military bases. Yesterday, Ukraine targeted Engels air base in the Saratov region where Russia’s supersonic Tu-160 Blackjack bombers, the Tu-95 Bear, and Tu-22M strike aircraft are stationed.

On Mar. 17, Putin warned the West that a Russia-NATO conflict is “just one step from World War Three.” That same day, China announced it is ready to intervene if the U.S. and NATO attack Russia. Putin allies are telling Macron that any troops you send to Ukraine will suffer the same as Napoleon’s army. The West doesn’t appear to be backing down as it builds out an existing military base in Romania that will surpass Ramstein Air Base in Germany, which covers roughly 1,400 hectares (5.4 square miles).

NATO Builds Largest Europe Base Near Black Sea… “Romania has now begun construction of what will eventually be the NATO alliance’s largest European military base, as the transatlantic bloc seeks to bolster its capabilities in the Black Sea region with an eye on Russian activity there. The $2.7 billion project will expand the Romanian Air Force 57th Air Base Mihail Kogălniceanu, which is located close to the Black Sea port city of Constanța. The new facility will have a perimeter of almost 20 miles, cover around 11 square miles, and will be home to some 10,000 NATO personnel and their families… Several new runways are expected to be built to support the operation of various types of military aircraft. There will be maintenance hangars, fuel stores, ammunition, equipment, aviation technical materials, simulators, feeding facilities, accommodation; everything is needed to support the operation and missions of a base of this size extent.” – Newsweek, Mar. 18

Meanwhile, Macron is on a verbose warpath as France’s legacy media normalizes the idea of WW3 by displaying maps and wargaming how French troops can protect Odessa and stop Russian forces from crossing the Dnieper River on the southeastern front. A larger goal is to create a “NATO wall” along the Dnieper River that requires a deployment of at least 60 thousand military personnel. That is why Russia is expected to carve out a much wider “buffer zone” from Ukrainian territory as a defense against attacks by Western-supplied artillery. There are some sane heads in Europe that oppose further escalation, such as Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni who voiced her opposition this week.

“Regarding the proposal made by France on the possible direct military intervention, our position is not in favor of this hypothesis, which could lead to a dangerous escalation that must be avoided at all costs.”

If Macron follows through with his plan, it would be preemptive, reactive and unilaterally, or part of a coalition of the willing.” France may justify a preventative action to blunt a breakthrough by Russia or just wait for a trigger event to present itself, which is preferred by the West. Countries likely to participate as a coalition would be the Baltic States, Poland, the U.K., and possibly Germany. Regardless of how the battlefield plays out if a confrontation manifests, France’s most likely goal would be to secure Ukraine’s Black Sea coastline so the country doesn’t become landlocked. France already has a few hundred troops stationed in Romania since early 2022 and could increase its presence. Macron signed a security pact with Moldova two weeks ago that can provide France with a base to enhance logistical requirements in the region. That area falls within the “eastern Balkans” where France has been nurturing influence and cooperation.

“President Emmanuel Macron has pledged France’s ‘unwavering support’ for Moldova. Paris is boosting its presence in countries it believes that Moscow sees as its area of influence. France struck similar defense deals with Armenia last month… The defense accord commits both countries to future training and intelligence sharing. The French defense ministry said a French defense mission will open in Moldova’s capital Chisinau by the summer and talks have begun on possible weapons contracts.”

Lastly, the collective West is desperately seeking a legal loophole to steal Russia’s financial assets that are in limbo due to sanctions and provide Ukraine with more weapons. The EU is scheming to confiscate the “profits” generated on those frozen assets.

“A plan to steal $300 billion in U.S. Treasury securities owned by Russia is still moving forward among House and Senate members. Their ignorance of the international monetary system is astounding. Gold will be the only safe asset.” – Jim Rickards, Mar. 14

Stay frosty on the home front, ensure your financial house is in order, and keep the pantry well-stocked with non-perishables.

Ron Paul Predicted Ukraine Disaster and More. What’s Next? – Tucker Carlson, Mar. 19


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Surge of “Little Green Men,” and Metal is Poised to Strike – Part XX: Napoleonic Folly

Surge of “Little Green Men,” and Metal is Poised to Strike – Part XX: Napoleonic Folly