The New World Order Will Shun You and Close Your Bank Accounts

At the onset of pandemic lockdowns in early 2020, which imposed social restrictions and eventually government mandated inoculations, the national security state and “The Naked Emperors’ Great Reset” (Part 1 and 2) emerged into public discourse that eerily correlates with an Orwellian dystopia described in the book “1984” by George Orwell. That story takes place in a world divided into an axis of three superpowers named Oceania, Eurasia, and Eastasia. They were embroiled in nonstop war (the current battlefield), and the dominant “party” in power implemented a “thought police” (aka Ministry of Truth) to unearth every act of perceived dissent with Big Brother surveillance technology that keeps an eye on all citizens’ personal activities and financial affairs. For those who voiced truth, an opposing opinion, or dared to live a libertarian lifestyle of liberty and freedom, the totalitarian regime deemed such behavior as unacceptable. Violators were ostracized as enemies of the state and restricted from participating in society.

In Britain 1984 A.D., no one would have suspected that Winston and Julia were capable of crimethink (dangerous thoughts) or a secret desire for ownlife (individualism). After all, Party-Member Winston Smith was one of the Ministry of Truth’s most trusted forgers; he had always flung himself heart & soul into the falsification of government statistics. And Party-Member Julia was outwardly so goodthinkful (naturally orthodox) that, after a brilliant girlhood in the Spies, she became active in the Junior Anti-Sex League and was snapped up by Pornosec, a subsection of the government Fiction Department that ground out happy-making pornography for the masses… How Winston and Julia rebelled, fell in love and paid the penalty in the terroristic world of tomorrow is the thread on which Britain’s George Orwell has spun his latest and finest work of fiction. In Animal Farm, Orwell parodied the Communist system in terms of barnyard satire; but in 1984, there is not a smile or a jest that does not add bitterness to Orwell’s utterly depressing vision of what the world may be in 35 years’ time.” – Time Magazine Book Review, 1949

We currently have the expulsion of politicos from U.K. parliament and bank accounts being closed, but more on that later. And don’t forget what happened in Canada with peaceful demonstrations that surrounded the truckers’ “Freedom Convoy” last winter. They were suppressed by government edict, sometimes violently by police, certain participants were arrested, and many were de-banked when their bank accounts were frozen. A year earlier, U.S. “insurrection” participants were the preview:

Banks close accounts, slam doors on Jan. 6 rioters; feds accused of terrorist treatment… “People prosecuted for low-level felonies and misdemeanors such as trespassing and disorderly conduct for their involvement in the Jan. 6, 2021, storming of the U.S. Capitol say they were blacklisted by banks and shut out of social media fundraising services. These defendants say they have been treated like ‘domestic terrorists’ despite convictions of relatively low-level crimes. What’s more, an attorney for defendants blames the FBI and Justice Department for prodding financial institutions to treat them like domestic terrorists.” – Washington Times, Mar. 2023

During spring of 2021 in the U.S., domestic terrorism and hate crime legislation (S-963) was introduced on Capitol Hill, which remains in a state of limbo. Echoes regularly come to the surface, such as U.S. Treasury Department policies implemented by the Biden administration, DOJ and FBI intimidation activities, Biden’s “disinformation” czar controversy, and HB 1333 that’s currently making its way through the Washington state legislature.

Whistleblower and NSBA document suggest Attorney General Merrick Garland lied to lawmakers about the agency’s targeting of parents as domestic terrorists.” – The Federalist, Nov. 2021

Merrick Garland’s DOJ and FBI exposed over targeting parents – Nov. 2021


Treasury’s Role In Combatting Domestic Violent Extremism… “Beginning with the promulgation of the Biden-Harris Administration’s 2021 National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism, Treasury, in coordination with law enforcement and other interagency partners, began expanding the identification of financial trends within domestic violent extremism (DVE)… Financial institutions may use these reports to develop their financial crime risk assessments and/or enhance their own AML/CFT monitoring systems. These institutions can also support federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial law enforcement in analyzing DVE financial activity, and provide information to other government and non-government organizations…  As has been noted in previous U.S. Government reports on DVE, activism of political or social positions that use violent rhetoric and/or philosophically embrace violent tactics may not necessarily constitute violent extremism, and could therefore be constitutionally protected in certain instances.” – U.S. Treasury, 2021

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‘Disinformation’ czar Nina Jankowicz is a ‘useful idiot’ and ‘woke-bot’ – Sky News, Apr. 2022


Biden Gives Republicans Win on ‘Ministry of Truth’… “The work of President Joe Biden’s Disinformation Governance Board has been put on pause by the Department of Homeland Security, in a move that Republicans are likely to hail as a win for the GOP. The board, which conservative critics have dubbed the ‘Ministry of Truth’ in reference to George Orwell’s 1984, was dissolved on Monday, according to The Washington Post.” – Newsweek, May 2022


Domestic extremism bill would criminalize free speech, create ‘Ministry of Truth,’ advocacy group warns… “A bill pushed by Washington’s attorney general would criminalize free speech and lead to an Orwellian ‘Ministry of Truth’ under the guise of preventing domestic terrorism, according to a regional think tank. ‘This bill will create a two-tiered justice system where some people have free speech and others don’t, and that is a dangerous path for us to be set upon,’ Liv Finne, director for education at the Washington Policy Center, told Fox News…. ‘We want to figure out how to prevent it before it happens because once the violence happens, everybody’s going to suffer the consequences,’ says Rep. Bill Ramos, who introduced HB 1333 with the support of nearly two dozen democrats.” – Fox News, Mar. 9, 2023

While Matt Taibbi was testifying at the Weaponization of Government Committee on Capitol Hill about the Twitter Files that show government agencies coordinated censorship with media conglomerates, the IRS was knocking on his front door at home. I concurrently published “Telling the Peasants It’s All in Your Heads and Misinformation – Part 3.” Here’s an excerpt:

“Our First Amendment and constitutional rights have been brazenly mischaracterized and refused recognition by the infiltration of fascists and their sycophants. They’re all treading down a technocratic path of ‘digital McCarthyism’ that was defined by highly-qualified and respected journos Matt Taibbi (Twitter thread) and Michael Shellenberger as the ‘censorship-industrial complex’ (article)… A must-see compilation of insane clips from yesterday’s censorship hearing on Capitol Hill is located at Breitbart news to peruse.” – TraderStef, Mar. 10

A few thoughts were made public at the Consent Factory after traveling between the U.S. and London to attend and speak at a conference last week. The speakers were Michael Shellenberger, Russell Brand, and Matt Taibbi. Here’s an excerpt:

Fear and Loathing in the City of Westminster… “The thing that was horrifying about listening to my colleagues reporting on the state of things in their countries — or, rather, the thing that should be horrifying but is becoming a mundane fact of life — is that more or less the same totalitarian program is being rolled out in countries throughout the world… Here’s the money part of Matt’s speech, which he paraphrased in London… ‘What Michael and I were looking at was something new, an Internet-age approach to political control that uses brute digital force to alter reality itself. We certainly saw plenty of examples of censorship and de-platforming and government collaboration in those efforts. However, it’s clear that the idea behind the sweeping system of digital surveillance combined with thousands or even millions of subtle rewards and punishments built into the online experience, is to condition people to censor themselves’…  If we do not want to end up “studying that reality,” the global, pathologized-totalitarian reality that is being subtly and not so subtly implemented simultaneously in countries throughout the world, at some point we had better come up with some actual answers.” – Consent Factory, Jun. 27

Let’s move on to the points I’m trying to make today. It was revealed last month that politicians in the U.K. have a “chilling” secret unit to curb dissent. MP Andrew Bridgen put his career in jeopardy by speaking out in the U.K. parliament about why pandemic lockdowns were a mistake and demands that excess deaths and disabilities caused by the mandated mRNA gene-modification jabs need to be investigated. Andrew was expulsed from the Conservative Party for his thoughts and speeches that were all based on verifiable data.

Why MP Andrew Bridgen Jeopardizes His Career – Bright Light News, Jun. 4


This morning, Nigel Farage posted a brief announcement on Twitter that he is being persecuted in the U.K. with the shuttering of his bank account, and other banks are shunning him with no explanation. He fears it may be attributable to several factors but suspects one in particular is the role he played in assisting Britian with exiting (aka Brexit) from the European Union. The Reform Party chief and GB News broadcaster fears more political persecution and thinks he might have to seek refuge overseas. Wow!

“Without a bank account, you effectively become a non-person, you don’t actually exist. It’s like the worst regimes in the mid-twentieth century, be they in Russia or Germany: you literally become a non-person. I won’t really be able to exist and function in a modern twenty-first century Britain. I’m beginning to think perhaps life in the United Kingdom is becoming completely unlivable.” – Nigel Farage

I might be FORCED to leave the UK – Nigel Farage, Jun. 29 (timestamp 5:55-17:20)


Be sure to have your home pantry and financial house in order because dark times are appearing on the horizon before we can make this world a better place. A dry run to implement a central bank digital currency (CBDC) in the U.S. (FedNow Service) is slated to make its debut shortly after Independence Day in July 2023. In a poll conducted by the Cato Institute, more Americans oppose vs. those who support CBDC fugazzi.

Yes, It CAN Happen Here… “I’ve warned repeatedly about the dangers that central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) pose to personal liberties. I’ve warned how they would allow governments to monitor every transaction you make, which basically means a surveillance state. This facilitates the creation of a social credit system that allows governments to punish those who engage in unapproved activity such as buying guns, donating money to the wrong political party, buying unapproved literature, etc. The government will even know your physical whereabouts at the point of purchase…. Is this future inevitable? No, it isn’t. But it’s coming sooner than you expect unless citizens join hands, reassert the truth and push the elites back into a corner where they belong. You might not be able to fight back easily in the world of CBDCs, but as I always say, there is one nondigital, nonhackable, nontraceable form of money you can still get your hands on. It’s called gold. Get some while you still can.” – Jim Rickards, Jun. 22

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The New World Order Will Shun You and Close Your Bank Accounts

The New World Order Will Shun You and Close Your Bank Accounts