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    The gold market is no stranger to the forces of manipulation, but recent events have gone beyond the pale and I wanted to bring the news to you first. Don’t expect to hear what I’m about to reveal to you in other news outlets or in the mainstream media, as they wouldn’t dare to rock the boat and imperil the precarious balancing act that’s been going on behind the scenes for some time now.

    You might have heard about the Rothschild family selling massive amounts of U.S. assets, but an interview with David Quintieri, economic and geopolitical analyst and author of The Money GPS as well as, has shed a great deal of light on this.

    Quintieri is known for pulling back the curtain the revealing the truth behind market manipulation and central bank malfeasance, and this searing interview is no exception.

    As we learned from Quintieri, what the Rothschilds did, and the implications of this, are startling. The Rothschilds have a family dynasty with many subsidiaries all over the world, and in this case their company, RIT Capital Partners, had sold off a number of U.S. assets. The reasonable assumption would be that the Rothschilds are “in the know” and would have some type of advance warning that something big was about to take place.

    In some cases these transactions have gone unreported, and so far they have gotten away with this.

    In actuality, as Quintieri reports, the Rothschilds were doing both buying and selling, and what they bought and sold were predominantly household names – nothing too suspicious, at least at first glance. Nonetheless, the fact that stock share dumping has occurred on such a massive scale is worth noting in a market that’s already stretched beyond any reasonable limitations.

    Quintieri confirms what the experts at Crush the Street have long held as core beliefs: central banks have the ultimate power and they will decide at what point to dry up the liquidity – a process that has already begun with the QT (quantitative tightening) policy adopted by the U.S. Federal Reserve and other central banks.

    Quintieri continues with observations that we’ve seen this before, like it did in 2007, and of course we all know what came next… and it will happen again whenever the central banks decide it should happen. As Allen Greenspan has stated, no other entity can tell the central banks what to do, and this is truer today than ever.

    The equities markets and the economy have become utterly disconnected, and while this is completely unnatural, it’s today’s reality. In the meantime, the central banks have the sole discretion to increase or dry up liquidity, and therefore have the power to decide when the stock market will crash.

    Yes, this is market manipulation at the highest levels of government, but you as an investor have the ability to take the power back. As for me, I’ve been taking positions in carefully selected companies in the precious metals markets.

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