Cryptocurrencies Meet the Public Equity Market… It’s About Time…

Today, I’m initiating my first-ever coverage of a blockchain company that can be purchased through a traditional brokerage account. As you all know, we’ve been covering Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies here at for YEARS now. I profiled Bitcoin in 2012 at $11 and it’s been history ever since, with average people turning into millionaires because they dared to believe in the future.

This is the embryonic stage of what is yet to come in blockchain tech, and I’m here to pound the table.

The public equity market has just collided with cryptocurrency in a big way, with a brand new company: HIVE Blockchain Technologies (TSXV: HIVE & OTC: PRELF).

There has yet to be a go-to stock that people can expose themselves to for cryptocurrency upside, and what I am suggesting to you today will become just that.

Cryptocurrencies are red hot, and this one could be the perfect bridge between the Wild West of cryptocurrencies and the familiarity of the public equities market.

HIVE could quite literally be the most explosive stock I profile here
at for the rest of the year

Dear Reader,

Coincidentally (or not), Bitcoin was birthed out of the depths of the collapsing financial system, with failing banks, including Bear Stearns, AIG, Lehman Brothers, and others that ultimately received crony capitalistic bailouts.

Bitcoin’s debut happened in January of 2009, when Satoshi Nakamoto first demonstrated the proof of concept with the “genesis block,” the first entry in Bitcoin’s global transaction network.

History was born.

What we are seeing is the collision of many of the properties of gold with the transaction network of PayPal or VISA, completely removed from a central-controlled entity.

The Market will Turn to HIVE

HIVE is where I believe the market will turn when someone wants exposure to cryptocurrency without having to involve themselves with the additional steps it takes to own and secure their own tokens.

The greatest part about this is that it’s just starting to trade,
and it’s only the beginning.


HIVE is a partnership between Genesis Mining, the world’s largest Bitcoin cloud mining company, with over 700,000 customers, and Fiore Group, a leading Canadian banking firm led by Frank Giustra, founder of Lions Gate Entertainment.

Two of the proposed board members are very familiar names to Wall Street: Frank Holmes and Olivier Newton.

  • Frank Holmes is the CEO of U.S. Global Investors, a fund manager who is one of the most sought-after speakers in North America.
  • Olivier Newton is a technology entrepreneur and a partner at Latent Capital, an investment fund focused on early to mid-stage opportunities in quantum computing and financial technology.

HIVE is set to acquire a state-of-the-art mining facility in Iceland from Genesis for USD$9M.

Completed in May, the new facility will produce mined cryptocurrencies immediately upon closing.

HIVE and Genesis have agreed upon terms for HIVE to acquire up to four additional data centers in Iceland and/or Sweden.

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    HIVE’s Business Model

    The business model consists of operating a cryptocurrency mining business to generate cash flow. However, it’s the hoarding of a sizable portion that could lead to our greatest gains.

    As the prices of cryptocurrencies rise, the Bitcoin, Ether, and Dash hoard will be reflected in the real value of the company. It’s been said that the modern-day Sir Isaac Newtons and Nicolaus Copernicus are on the forefronts of blockchain tech, and that is exactly what we have here with HIVE.

    People are comparing what we are seeing now to Internet in the 1990s, and keep in mind that the Internet didn’t really reach mainstream adoption until at least the 2000s, when it kicked into high gear via mass propagation with the smart phone, which has connected the world via the Internet in the palms of human hands.

    Crypto is to money what Airbnb is to hotels, Uber is to taxis, and what Netflix is to cable companies.

    Behind blockchain technology are multibillion-dollar businesses, such as IBM, Microsoft, Apple, and even governments that are preparing for the thousands of use cases that are going to be built on top of it.

    In Japan, Bitcoin is now considered money and a legal payment option as of April 1, 2017. Other countries are discussing this as a real possibility as well.

    What we have here today with HIVE is exposure to all of this, partnered with the best and greatest in the world of finance and technology.

    Expect more details as we continue to cover HIVE here at

    Prosperous Regards,
    Kenneth Ameduri
    Chief Editor,

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