GETTING TO PEAK PROSPERITY: Chris Martenson Offers Education and Hope

With self-serving agendas being the norm nowadays, very few market analysts truly deserve the title of educator. Mr. Chris Martenson is among those few true educators – not only a world-recognized figure and a brilliant economist, but a bona fide teacher with a vision of spreading knowledge and empowering all students irrespective of financial means.

It’s a lofty vision, but Chris Martenson is making it happen. An economic expert, researcher, and futurist who is the cofounder of, Mr. Martenson been on numerous media platforms, including Crush the Street, Sprott Money,, The Financial Survival Network, and Living Wealthy Radio.

A master of multiple domains, Chris Martenson was actually trained as a scientist, having completed both a Ph.D. and a post-doctoral program at Duke University, where he specialized in neurotoxicology. His extensive training as a scientist informs and guides how he thinks as an economist: he gathers data, develops hypotheses, and continually seeks to accept or reject those hypotheses based on the evidence at hand.

Today, Chris Martenson is devoted to educating the public through He and co-founder Adam Taggart built the site to help you stay informed, protect wealth, build resilience into your life and community, and connect with other like-minded individuals.

Courtesy: Chris Martenson

In addition to the analysis and commentary he writes for Peak Prosperity, Mr. Martenson’s insights are in high demand by the media as well as academic, civic, and private organizations around the world, including institutions such as the U.N., the U.K. House of Commons, and U.S. state legislatures.

Through the years, Chris Martenson has earned a reputation for consistently accurate contrarian market calls. He predicted the housing market collapse and the 2008-2009 stock market correction years before these events happened; he also forecasted the upward price spiral in crude oil starting in October of 2010, as well as the European sovereign debt crisis of 2011 to 2012.

There are plenty of other spot-on calls that Chris Martenson’s followers could have profited from. For example, based on trends in fiscal and monetary policy, Mr. Martenson began advising accumulation of gold and silver in 2003 and 2004 – perfect timing considering precious metal’s spectacular run-up and peak in 2011.

Chris also shorted homebuilder stocks beginning in 2006 and ending in 2008 – terrific timing and a bold move because 2006-2007 was a euphoric time for that sector. Again and again, Chris’s followers have had multiple opportunities to avoid costly financial mistakes and maximize their investments through Mr. Martenson’s sage advice.

Courtesy: Chris Martenson

What’s the key to his amazing track record? As we noted, Mr. Martenson is from a scientific educational background, which means that he lets the data guide him rather than sentiment. This objective and dispassionate mind-set has enabled Chris Martenson to see further down the economic road than most analysts, and certainly more than the vast majority of retail investors.

Additionally, because of his adherence to scientific principles, Mr. Martenson is more cautious and measured in his predictions, preferring to wait patiently until he’s certain about something before publishing any forecast in writing or in speech.

This methodology has been distilled by Mr. Martenson into his popular video seminar The Crash Course, which has provided millions of viewers with the context for the massive changes currently under way, thereby enabling them to prepare and prosper with these changes.

The Crash Course focuses on the interconnected forces in the economy, energy, and the environment – the Three E’s that are shaping the future, which will be defined by increasing challenges to growth as we have known it:


According to Chris Martenson, this particular constellation of issues (the Three E’s) has not been fully addressed in the history of America or even civilization. By tackling these issues, The Crash Course seeks to make the world a better place for our generation and those that will follow.

Another central theme of The Crash Course is exponential growth, which is both a blessing and an obstacle to our prosperity. Exponential growth is a concept with profound implications for not only our population but our economy and our access to natural resources:


Other essential topics covered in The Crash Course include a brief history of money, debt, inflation, quantitative easing, market bubbles, energy economics, and much more. The video chapters are between 3 and 25 minutes in length, and text transcripts are included; all 27 sections take 4 hours and 36 minutes to watch in full, and are a supremely worthwhile investment of your time.

Ultimately, through his Crash Course and through his Peak Prosperity website, Chris Martenson is democratizing economic education so that the people can fight meaningfully against a system that’s purposely stacked against them. There is no true freedom without financial freedom, and Mr. Martenson is using education as the ultimate weapon against those who perpetuate economic oppression upon the struggling middle class.

In particular, Chris is battling against a tenuous monetary system created and sustained by government and central bank elite powers: as Mr. Martenson explains in his blog, “More and more prominent people from the world of finance and politics are beginning to realize that the Fed’s actions have benefitted the few at the expense of the many.”

Furthermore, “The 0.01% has gained enormously, while the bottom 80% have lost ground. This deeply unfair outcome is increasingly becoming politicized, meaning that the Fed’s era of free reign to shovel ever more money to their Too Big To Fail bank owners and the ultra-wealthy is coming to a close.”

And now, according to Chris Martenson, the Federal Reserve has created a market environment that can’t sustain even a single interest rate hike; they tried it in 2018 and it nearly sparked a stock market crash:


The central banks are afraid of tanking the markets again, so they’re returning with another round of QE and telling us that “there’s no reason why this economy can’t continue to expand” _ but with national debt growing four times faster than the underlying economy, there hasn’t been nearly enough growth to sustain the markets at the current trajectory.

It’s a story that won’t have a happy ending for an unsuspecting populace, which is exactly why Mr. Martenson is providing multiple warnings to investors, along with a full suite of vital educational materials available to the public.

The good news is that individuals who take informed action today, while we still have time, can anticipate the coming economic changes – and even discover a better way of life in the process. Crush the Street applauds Chris Martenson’s ongoing efforts to enrich the public with essential knowledge and actionable ideas, and we highly recommend and The Crash Course as your guides amid America’s new and challenging economic landscape.

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