Billions of Dollars Up for Grabs – Name Recognition in the Cannabis Space Will Turn Small Investments Into Large Fortunes

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We are going to look back at cannabis and wonder why it was ever illegal. Disruption and change take place every few decades and a new wave of wealth and solutions are created. This time, it’s cannabis!

We are definitely in a new age. Cannabis enthusiasts are on the rise, and the trend is unstoppable. Medical and recreational use cases are triggering the rise of one of the most exciting opportunities of a generation.

Most people now agree with facts to support that it’s an overwhelmingly healthier and superior alternative to even alcohol and tobacco.

According to researchers, cannabis was the only recreational drug that posed a low risk to its users!

This is a massive game-changer. In an age where information is at our fingertips, millennials, who now make up the bulk of the workforce, are beginning to wake up and realize the hidden benefits of cannabis.

Alcohol, tobacco, and even conventional medicine are juggernaut industries, but they may have to give up a portion of their dominance over consumers to the cannabis sector.

This, among other reasons, is why I am so incredibly bullish on the cannabis industry and why I’m issuing an immediate alert on a brand new cannabis pick today: CannAmerica Brands (CSE: CANA).

CannAmerica Brands is Becoming a Dominant Force in the Sector and has sold over 12 million gummies under their company owned Brands since inception. 

It’s early-stage across the board when it comes to cannabis companies, and it’s not widely understood or even well-known by the average person. Brand loyalty, multi-state presence and name recognition in the sector are still just developing, and it’s up for grabs by the first-movers to foundationally establish themselves as the dominators.

Consider the value that Coca-Cola or Budweiser have in terms of consumer brand recognition. There is nothing even close to that in the cannabis space, which means that it’s a frontier worth billions of dollars that’s up for grabs.

This is what I feel is playing right into the hands of CannAmerica Brands…

Words straight from the mouth of Founder and CEO Dan Anglin:“CannAmerica Brands offers licensed and regulated cannabis businesses around the world the opportunity to license their well-established brands.”

Dan Anglin, a U.S. Marine Veteran ex Desert Storm/Desert Shield, is the Founder and CEO of CannAmerica Brands. Dan has been a high-profile leader in the marijuana industry, having owned and operated a successful recreational dispensary in Black Hawk Colorado, and co-owned one of the largest marijuana companies in the world, operating in multiple states. Dan is also a national expert in marijuana public policy, serving on rule-making work groups for the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division on more than 10 occasions, as well as crafting legislation directly at the Colorado General Assembly for the good of Colorado and its regulated industry.

CannAmerica operates by licensing its brand to approved businesses in the sector, using its attractive and trusted brand to grow cannabis product manufacturers and wholesalers in a fully regulated environment.

The Long-Term Strategy
First-mover advantage is everything. CannAmerica Brands aims to galvanize its brands, portfolio, and dominance – not just nationally, but GLOBALLY.

CannAmerica Brands owns a diverse portfolio of licensed brands in the cannabis space located in:

  • Colorado – A licensee with a 25,000 square-foot manufacturing facility with sales to over 85% of the dispensaries in the State
  • Nevada – This licensee has a well-established 30,000 square-foot cultivation and manufacturing facility, selling through various dispensaries in Nevada alone.
  • Maryland – The licensee has a 7,500 square-foot facility, 1 of the 15 extraction facilities in the State, with sales commenced in October 2018.

CannAmerica Brands plans to launch its existing brand portfolio via new license agreements in several new and important U.S. states, including behemoth market California, in addition to Global branding.

Using laser-guided strategies to expand and acquire in this emerging sector, we could be witnessing the rise of tomorrow’s industry leader.

By expanding its portfolio and additional licensing agreements, a compounding effect can occur. Intensified by a growing market, the timing couldn’t be better.

The US cannabis market is fragmented as a result of regulation by State.Opportunities with multi-state presence like this don’t come on a regular basis. With a business model built around long-term growth, prosperity, and expansion, there’s no limit to where this will end up in the months and years to come.

Immediately do your investment research on CannAmerica (CSE:CANA).

Cannabis is growing, and the days when it was confined to the criminal underground are behind us. It’s only going to get bigger!

We’ve had one of the most incredible years here at because of cannabis, and as we round the corner coming into the fourth quarter of the year, I want to put the pedal to the metal and end it with an absolute bang.

Fortunes will and have been made, and we have VIP tickets to the party…

The time to be looking into CannAmerica Brands (CSE: CANA) is now!

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